When He Rubs His Crystal Ball, You’ll Be Under His Spell – The Magic Of Grayson L Knight-Lites – Our July 2017 Obsession


 It began to stir deep inside. I saw something, or more specifically, someone who as if by magic, transported me into a fantasyland where the best kind of dreams played in my head. I got this feeling in my bones. A feeling like I was not in control. I was being moved by an unseen force. That my friend, is what Grayson L Knight-Lites does to those who find themselves at one of his performances. He exposes his magic that yes, puts a spell on you…you know the rest. After that, you’re his. And you are happy to be his as before your very eyes his clothing begins to disappear.  

When Grayson performs, he plays into the fantasies of the audience. What superhero do you take into your naughty daydreams? Do you have a thing for a football player or other athlete? Do you have a thing for the bad guys, the villains? Grayson brings them all to life. Just imagine. And the best part is that all the while, that sexy af body is revealed from underneath each one. 

Feeling patriotic…Grayson as Captain America will help you raise the flag to the full height of the pole.  

Maybe you’re one of those who see Grayson as the bad boy that you want to chain up. You are one nasty mofo. (Whispering) Yea, I’m one of those too. ***Insert evil grin here*** 

I played sports in high school, and intramural sports in college. My favorite times of the day were undressing in the locker room before practice and changing back after practice. The pics above and below bring up those youthful fantasies. For those of you who missed this experience, Grayson brings it to you live and in person. 

I’ve placed the Justin Timberlake song, “Can’t Stop The Feeling” below. It describes the way you will feel while watching Grayson do his thing! Click play and enjoy all the hot pics of him placed here for your pleasure!

Dang! I’m going to take a little mental visit to that magic land of unicorns right now. The pic above has given me this feeling in my body. I’m having this urge to create a new Grayson fantasy. You know unicorns are magical creatures! Yea, let’s go make some magic. Don’t mind me. You just keep reading.  

Grayson is one of our favorite current male dancers. We all love dancing boys in their underwear. And as you have seen Grayson looks great in underwear! But Grayson doesn’t stop there, he takes us to a new level tapping in to our fantasies with costumes and accessories. He makes each performance fresh and exciting! His fans around the state of Ohio agree. This is why he has been chosen as the Males In Motion July Obsession.  

    LINK For Grayson:
  • TWITTER Check out Grayson’s twitter account if you want to see ALL of Grayson.

Grayson has referred to himself as a “geeky nerd”. That may be, but he is one helluva sexy geeky nerd if so. And I mean no disrespect at all, but if I were looking for my own personal boy toy…Let’s just think about that a minute. Each night you could have a different role play. OMG! Don’t read anything into this but just so you know Grayson, I will most likely be in the Columbus area in October.  

If you haven’t yet caught one of Grayson’s performances, I highly recommend that you do. You never know how he will be dressed, and then undressed. Let him capture your fantasy like he has ours. Until next time, don’t forget to tip the boys! And if they are tapping in to your fantasies, tip them extra!!!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!


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