Two Hands Are Needed ~ Stock Bar in Montreal ~ Nude Male Dancers Online


   “Nude Male Dancers”… those three words have always, ALWAYS, captured my attention. And a few years ago I found them attached to a website that featured Nude Male Dancers broadcast live. I decided to check it out and was immediately in awe of the beautiful boys from Montreal, Quebec who dance at Stock Bar. 

   Over the years the faces have changed as dancers have come and gone, but still today, Stock Bar is producing quality entertainment of the sensual erotic male kind.

    Back then I subscribed to the site. A few years ago, I went one step further and became an advertising affiliate with Stock Bar and the nude male dancers. And as with any advertising and promotion that I do, I only place a product on my website that I truly believe in. And I do believe in and am a fan of the dancing boys at Stock Bar in Montreal.

   Each year at various times throughout the year, I subscribe to Stock Bar’s Nude Male Dancers online broadcast in order to evaluate the current quality and value of the entertainment that is presented. This past week was one of those times, and I must say that I truly enjoyed the experience of watching those talented and ‘blessed’ young men as they performed their rotations on the stage, and behind the scenes.

   Although as you might suspect, I would rather be sitting in the club and tipping the boys in person, my budget and schedule doesn’t allow that to happen as frequently as I would like. Having the option of watching the boys online through the HD broadcast provides the visual enjoyment when I’m not able to be there.

   There are other features online that aren’t available at the club. Watching the boys get ready in the back room is one of those. Ever wonder what the guys do to get those already large endowments to stand at full attention before coming on stage? Watching the back room option lets you see for yourself. And from what I’ve seen, I’d say two hands are needed to firmly grasp the situation.

   There is a chat room as part of this site, and I always enter it and see what everyone is talking about. The topics bounce around to many different things but always keep a thread about the dancers who are appearing on the screen at the time. One of the questions I asked the chat group was “who are their current favorites?” Several responded with the names of who they looked forward to seeing on stage.

   Every fan of exotic male dancers has their favorite types. Or sometimes, maybe due to familiarity, etc., they have specific dancers who wind up being their favorites. I’m no different. With this visit to Stock Bar online, I have selected those that I really liked. I’ve listed my favorites below with pics.

   One of my favorites was Brad (above). As you can see, he is fully equipped for the job. I liked all of that of course, but he also has the most amazing eyes. You can’t really tell it from these pics, but believe me the HD broadcast will show them clear. He has eyes that will melt hearts. The fifth pic from the top of this blog is also Brad.

   Gunner has the most amazing body! (above) And part of that amazing body as you can see above is that ass! The pic third from the top is also Gunner and his great ass! I enjoyed watching those muscles move each time he stepped onto the stage.

   I was happy to see that Spencer is still dancing at Stock Bar. (the two pics above) On a past visit to the club, I spent some time with Spencer for a private lap dance.

   The pics and descriptions in this blog are only a small reflection of the solid line up of quality male dancers found at Stock Bar. I could easily fill several blogs with pics of different dancers and list their sexy attributes.

   On Tuesday and Thursday nights in the Studio section of the website, you’ll find one of the dancers stripping live. (See pic above) The viewers can make comments and ask questions in a chat window, and the dancer will respond live. You’ll enjoy all of them but I especially like some of the sexy French Canadian accents. Scan through recordings of previous Studio nights and watch one of the dancers that does it for you. You get the opportunity to get a little more personal with your favorites. And there is almost always a happy ending to this event whether live or recorded. Who doesn’t like a story with a happy ending?

   If you like nude male dancers, then you’ll love the Stock Bar website. Check it out! It’s always free to just look around. Watch some of the sample videos of the dancers on stage. Click here or on any of the pics above and see the beautiful dancing boys from Montreal! Until next time, get cozy and watch the boyz!

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