Trevor Northman ~ Go-Go Dancer ~ Wash., D.C. The Males In Motion October Obsession


Go ahead and get the memes ready because after this blog, you’re going to be calling me nasty. But I don’t care. I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking. To give you a hint, our collective dirty minds are thinking…my mind is telling me no, but my body is saying…. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (Honestly, I don’t think anyone that reads this blog has a mind that is saying ‘no’! But that’s just my opinion. This sure is good tea.)

   I saw the above pic posted on Facebook a few months ago. Immediately I snagged it and added it to my Facebook album called “Mike’s Favorite Pic Of The Week!” But there were consequences that I wasn’t expecting. Since I’ve been a bad bad boy on Facebook in the past, I was placed in FB jail for 30 days (once again) because someone determined the pic was inappropriate and reported it. I don’t see nothing wrong with a little album post. That is, unless you are able to read my mind. If they could have recorded a video of what was going on in my head as I looked at that hot pic of Trevor Northman…well, it is certain that I would have been banned from FB for life! *** INSERT EVIL GRIN HERE! ***

   I do not blame Trevor Northman for my being incarcerated in FB jail. He can’t help it that his body makes your eyes dance along every muscle and contour. He can’t help it that when he smiles at you, your breathing gets heavier. He can’t even help it that his ass makes your heart stop for a couple of beats. And it isn’t his fault that when he moves, our imagination takes over and becomes an x-rated porn with Trevor in a starring role. It isn’t his fault that you can see that leather harnesses were meant for his body and … … … … … oh sorry, what was I saying. Anyway, for me, a 30 day Facebook ban sentence was well worth it!

   I have been following Trevor ever since I first caught a glimpse of that tight body. I welcome any pic of him that scrolls down my wall. I love to play any video of him from his Instagram page. And even though some may argue, I want to make it plain and clear that there is something good that comes out of our nation’s capital city. Trevor’s home base is Washington, D.C. (I used the word ‘good’ above, but I also want to make it plain and clear that in my mind other nouns, verbs and adjectives are being used…very often…very emphatically.)

   Of course, don’t take my word for it. Develop your own dirty mind and create mental images of your own. You can follow Trevor Northman at the locations below:

  • Trevor Northman Facebook
  • Trevor Northman Instagram
  •    If you would like a more personal experience and see Trevor in person. You can find him dancing in D.C. and other cities. Follow his schedule from his Facebook page.

       In case you haven’t understood what I’ve been saying, there are things about Trevor that I really, really like. I like his face, his eyes, his lips, his shoulders, his muscled arms, his hands, his chest with those amazing nipples, his flat stomach, his bulge, his ass, his thighs, his calves, his feet, oh hell, just fill in the blank! Did I mention his ass?

       I’m not sure when I’ll make it back to Washington, D.C. so if you have the opportunity to go and tip Trevor, please tip him once for me. Tell him Mike from Males In Motion says hello! When you tip for me, ask him to turn around and slide in the tip (that means $, nothing else) just above that amazing ass. Then ask, “Do you like to be tied up?” Tell him you were just asking for a friend. In this case it would be true. I want to know. (No shit, I’ve got goosebumps running across my skin right now.)

       When you’ve finished reading the blog, go to your sex toy box and get out your flogger. That’s where my mind is at!

       Until next time, be sure and tip the dancing boys! You can post your ‘you nasty’ memes on my Facebook page.


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