Thirsty In The Desert – Club Review: Charlie’s Phoenix – Featuring the Sinful Studs Male Dancers (Pics and Video) (Pre-Pandemic)

Male Stripper - Charlie's - Phoenix, AZ

    I had already decided I wanted to celebrate my birthday weekend in Phoenix, AZ. In Phoenix you can find a club that features male dancers every day of the week. I mean, it’s the perfect location for this exotic male dancer guru to kick back and enjoy his favorite form of entertainment on a nightly basis (and even some afternoons). And that is exactly what I did with my partner and sidekick Jay.

    Charlie’s was easy to find by GPS and there was a large parking lot beside it so parking was no hassle. There was no cover and the first bar was close to the entry. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that my favorite cocktail is a dirty martini. When I travel I like to test the local bartenders on how well they can make one. But not this time, I had decided I was going to expand my new experiences with new drinks and cocktails.

Male strippers - Charlie's - Phoenix, AZ

    I told the bartender to make me something of his choosing with Vodka. I have learned over the years that I have less issues the next day when I drink Vodka based drinks. So, the bartender went to work and put together some concoction with a pinkish tint. I tasted it and liked it. And in case I wanted one in the future, I asked the bartender what it was called. He replied, “It’s delicious!” I laughed. In other words, it didn’t have a name, he just threw it together. Well, I liked it. Now when Jay or I don’t know the name of the cocktail we are drinking, we just say, “It’s delicious!”

    Continuing past the first bar is an inside dance floor with boxes for male dancers. The lighting in this area was amazing! I enjoyed watching the go-go boys as the light danced across their perfect bodies. Stepping outside the nearby door you are greeted with a large patio with seats along the wall to the left, seating areas with tables in the middle, and several areas where you can stand. Another bar is located at the far end. In the middle to the right is a stage where the DJ is located and one or two go-go boys dance. There were boxes in various other places on the patio where other go-go boys were dancing as well. All in all, there were 5-6 dancers at all times. The crowd was composed of mostly gay men but also many others of mixed ages and genders. And from what I observed, everyone feels welcome at Charlie’s Phoenix. That was reflected in the line at the door as well.

Male Strippers - Charlie's - Phoenix, AZ
Male Strippers - Charlie's - Phoenix, AZ

   The Sinful Studs go-go boys are a regular feature at Charlie’s Phoenix. They were all exceptional. Sexy as hell with amazing bodies and wearing underwear that covered but also emphasized those parts we all enjoy! Many of them were wearing assless underwear, jock straps, or thongs, so the cheeks were presented and shaking in a close-your-mouth-Mike-your-drooling kind of way. And several were wearing cowboy hats some of the night.

   Just think about that, Michael Hill watching male dancers wearing assless underwear, displaying big bulges, hard muscled bodies and wearing cowboy hats. It was like the night was written specifically for me for my birthday! I couldn’t move fast enough to tip all of them. It was also a pleasure to meet Sergio, the man behind the scenes for Sinful Studs. If you haven’t already, click the video above and see what I’m talking about.

    One of the indicators of whether I have truly enjoyed a club or not is whether I return for a second visit, and yes, I did! We returned on Sunday night. The experience was great again! I also want to say thank you to Charlie’s for holding on to my debit card that I ‘accidentally’ left. I’m not saying I had a few too many. I mean after all, I was celebrating my birthday. We were able to stop back by and pick it up. The “It’s delicious” bartender handed it to me on my return.

Male Stripper - Charlie's - Phoenix, AZ

    Males In Motion recommends Charlie’s Phoenix for your celebrations! If you will be visiting Phoenix for any reason, add Charlie’s to your list of places to party. Everyone gets thirsty in the desert and Charlie’s has all the right ingredients to quench that thirst. Of course, those go-go boys will stir you up again and again. Until next time, don’t forget to tip the boys in your oasis.

Male Strippers
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