The Year End Happy Ending ~ Eric, Males In Motion December Obsession ~ from X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, Massachusetts


Everyone loves a happy ending. And a happy ending with a sexy male dancer is the Males In Motion way! Since December is the last month of the year and this week we say goodbye to 2017, we happily present Eric, a male dancer in Springfield, Massachusetts as the Males In Motion December Monthly Obsession. Eric has been on our radar for a couple of months during which time he was chosen to be Mr. X-Room in the annual competition held at X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield. Judging from his ass-ets we understand why he was selected and whole-heartedly agree!

Right behind his great ass, that smile caught our attention immediately. Yes, we actually did look up for a moment and notice his smile. And then those eyes! But wait, there’s more! When you stop and realize that X-Room is a full-nude male strip club, then the light goes off in your head and the smile spreads across your face. Yes, ladies and gentleman, Mr. X-Room Eric, performs while completely naked. Hot Damn!! Choke the chicken and spank the monkey!

The X-Room at Mardi Gras is one of my (Mike) favorite male strip clubs. And I have no problem imagining a trip or two with Eric to the VIP area, an area that I know quite well. He looks so good that my imagination doesn’t have to work very hard. I just let my dirty mind take over! Don’t judge me. I know you are doing the same thing.

During the snow and cold of winter, you can find good looking body heat at X-Room. We encourage you to stop in and check out Eric and the other hotties who will be dancing a la natural. My only request is that when you are tipping the boys make sure you’ve warmed your hands up first, they’ll appreciate it.

What gay man or straight female wouldn’t have dirty thoughts after seeing Eric naked? Well, actually my mind would start before he gets naked, but I’m a quick study and move fast. And did I mention he has a great ass? We’ve added the song “You Look Good” by Lady Antebellum to this blog because it expresses how we feel about Eric. And we can’t wait until we get to spend a little ‘quality’ time with him at X-Room. Click play below and listen to the song as you look back over the pics of Eric. And we promise not to judge you if you have a dirty thought or two.

We hope you experience a happy ending as 2017 comes to a close. And if Eric and the boys at X-Room at Mardi Gras have assisted in any way with your finding a happy ending, well, then you know how we feel. Just be grateful as we are. Tips are always a welcomed expression of your gratefulness. Until next time, …you get a happy ending, you get a happy ending, everyone gets a happy ending!


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