The Naked Wonderland ~ The Boys of X-Room ~ Males In Motion Obsession for December 2018 (Pre-Pandemic)

X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA

How does one describe the X-Room? In some ways it’s like an amusement park so “Six Cocks Over Mass.” would work. But in reality, there are many more than six cocks that can be seen on the bar.


The X-Room experience can also be compared to eating your favorite dessert. It’s a “Cakes du Jour” because who doesn’t like to stuff their mouth into cakes, I mean with cakes?

If you are one who likes to visit establishments such as the X-Room then it is rather obvious that you like to play with bats and balls. With that in mind, the club is like a sporting event so “The Batting Cage” might be an adequate comparison.


To me, the X-Room is much more than a rollercoaster ride, a piece of pineapple upside down cake, or even getting to first or second base. When I think of the X-Room, I am inspired by a familiar holiday song …”a beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, tipping in a naked wonderland.” So, for the purpose of this blog, X-Room shall be described as “The Naked Wonderland”. And X-Room is a true Wonderland because it features sexy, naked dancing boys EVERY FREAKIN’ NIGHT! WOOHOO!

Samuel Velazquez, X-Room Manager and Bryce Adonis, Men of Eden

During a recent visit at X-Room, I was honored to serve as a judge for the Mr. X-Room 2019 contest. I sat next to Bryce Adonis of the Men Of Eden who also served as a judge. We’ve known each other online and by phone for several years but had never met in person. It was great to finally meet him. And I’ll add that it was also great to see him naked and performing before the contest. Bryce and the Men Of Eden are frequent guest dancers at X-Room. He lovingly refers to his fans as cockwatcherz. And I’ve been a cockwatcher for a long time. Bryce was featured as a Males In Motion monthly obsession in June 2017. Click here to read the related blog and see his pics.

Julian, Mr. X-Room 2019

The judging obligation required that I watch and score several contestants while they stripped out of their clothing and danced naked. It was one of the happiest days of my life. As I write this, a solitary tear of joy is forming in my eye as I remember those beautiful bodies, firm asses, bouncing balls and freely swinging penises. I’m not ashamed to say that I was moved. Yes, moved. At the end of the contest the sexy dancer Julian emerged as the winner and was crowned.

    My eyes were treated to a visual feast during the night as I saw both new dancers and those I had met and tipped before. I met Eric who was the Mr. X-Room for 2018 and who was selected as the Males In Motion monthly obsession for December 2017. Click here and read the related blog and see his pics. Some of my other favorite dancers for the night were Nico, Javien, Midas, Manny, Miguel and Jacob.

I couldn’t write this blog without mentioning Gabe, one of my favorite all-time male dancers. Gabe has been my favorite X-Room dancer for around three years. He has been featured in many Males In Motion blogs in the past. It was a highlight of my night to spend some time with him in a private lap dance. Now before you get those dirty thoughts in your head about what might happen in that private lap dance, let me assure you that we just spent the time talking and catching up on life events, etc. wink, wink He is sexy af on the outside, and a great guy on the inside. All I can say is that if you spend any time with him, the thirst is real!

With all of the scenery of the night, all of the fun tipping the boys, meeting new dancers and ‘catching up’ with old friends, it was a clear choice to select the Boys of X-Room as the Males In Motion Obsession for December 2018. Before we left for the night, Sammy, the manager of X-Room allowed me to visit with all the dancers in the dressing room. It was my pleasure to get to meet many of them and for those of you with dirty minds, they were all dressed when I was in the dressing room. This was a good thing because when I talked with them, I was actually looking at their faces. Evil Grin.

Julian, Mr. X-Room 2019

A shout out goes to Mia E Z’Lay, Ms X-Room 2018, for an excellent job as mistress of ceremonies. Also to the bartenders Daniel, Joey and Kevin who were moving at lightning speed keeping up with all the adult beverage requests. Thanks to Sammy for being a gracious host. May I squeeze your butt again?

Each visit at X-Room is always pure pleasure. I love tipping the boys on the bar. I love the private lap dances. And I always make memories that I love to share. If you are in or will be visiting the Springfield, Massachusetts area, stop in at X-Room and have some play time with the boys. You’ll be glad you did! Tell them Mike at Males In Motion says hi and tip your favorites once for me. On your visit see if you can match the vpl above with the dancer. (Of course, you can also do that by searching the dancers on Facebook.) Oh, and if Gabe is dancing when you stop in, ask him for a private lap dance. Then tell me details.Until next time, support the bulge in your area…visit the dick dancer bars and tip the boys!


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