The Men Of Stock Bar ~ Male Strippers to help you survive quarantine

(Posted during pandemic quarantine)

If you think a night spent with handsome men with sculpted muscular bodies, large endowments, and firm bubble butts sounds like your kind of party, then keep reading and enjoy the pcs. If hot male strippers are not your thing, you might want to google another topic and move on. For those who are still here, we’re here to help you push on through the self-quarantine while bars and clubs are closed. Although some businesses are beginning to re-open, it appears that bars and clubs will have to remain closed a while longer.

Males In Motion is an affiliate with Stock Bar and their online broadcasts. We have been since 2012. Each year we spend time on the site reviewing their current content. We want to make sure it is quality content before promoting it to our followers. Stock Bar continually provides high quality content with some of the sexiest male strippers available online. That is why we have remained an affiliate with Stock Bar all these years.

Nude Male Strippers from Stock Bar in Montreal, Quebec

Yes sir, ladies and gentlemen, the dancing boys from Stock Bar in Montreal, Quebec drop their pants and display how they have been blessed. Of course, the bodies on which their blessed parts are attached, have been finely tuned through diet and workouts. And you have the opportunity to not only view them in pics, watch them in videos, but once Stock Bar is allowed to open, you will be able to view them live on a nightly basis through live streaming directly from Stock Bar in Montreal.

First Song ~ The Getting Naked Process

Depending on the particular show, the dancers first enter the Stock Bar stage usually wearing jeans, a t-shirt and shoes. There is one to three dancers on the stage at a time. During their first session which is usually the length of one song, you will see them move around on the stage and do what we refer to as a half-strip. They will remove their shirts revealing their muscular chests, arms and backs.

And as the session moves on, they will unbutton and unzip their pants (usually blue jeans) and show the bulges in their underwear, and let it be said, that these bulges are quite impressive. There is often a moment in this session where they will drop their pants, push down their underwear and “let it all hang out”. And since you are watching from the privacy of your own home, it is ok to gasp and smile when you see how far down they hang.

For those of you who are butt aficionados, never fear, they will turn around and give you a view as well. At the end of the song, they make their way off the stage but no need to stress, they will be returning in part 2 which is even better!

Second Song ~ Let’s Get Thirsty

For their second appearance, the Men of Stock Bar return to the stage in their underwear. As you will clearly see something has happened since the first song, their bulge has grown into a rigid display. They walk out sporting an erection. Sometimes, they walk out with their underwear pulled down or not wearing any at all, while allowing their cocks to bounce around in freedom.

It is during the second song that you will get a better view of their ass as well. Some will bend over in view of the camera allowing you to clear/y see their hole. Remember these are firm, tight bubble butts attached to amazing thighs, legs, backs feet, hands and arms. Your fantasy daydreams will be fueled for hours of spank bank pleasure.

Backstage Spy Cam For Voyeurs

In between the first and second songs, the dancers make a stop in a backroom to do what they need to bring their cocks to full attention. Stock Bar allows you to spy on the dancers as they play with themselves and jack-off preparing the erections they will bring back to the stage. You can see them watching porn on their phones to assist them in getting where they need to be for the customers/fans/viewers.

Extras Featuring Cock And Ass

During the Covid-19 quarantine, Stock Bar is closed so there are no live stage broadcasts but this is an opportunity to watch videos of past performances from 2004-2020. We’ve been watching this past week and have enjoyed such events as Prides from various years, Stock Idol competitions, Flesh Jack contests, and even a ‘Who has the largest cock?’ contest. On Monday nights, you can go into the chat room and request a specific dancer. For example, I asked DJ Anthony to play a video of a dancer named Raphael who was one of our favorite dancers from when we first discovered Stock Bar many years ago. And in a few minutes, I was watching Raphael once again.

In the Stock Idol competitions, you will see the dancers in various costumes with props and more. The goal of the Flesh Jack contests is to be the first dancer to shoot your load by using the assistance of a Flesh Jack. The dancer who wins receives a cash prize. For the largest cock contest, the dancers who competed went to the spycam room and worked their cock into an erection, then returned to the stage and were measured to determine the winner.

Another feature of the shows that we particular enjoy are the shower shows. We have watched these online but have also been to the club and watched them in person. The shower shows usually consists of two dancers in the shower who spend time rubbing around on each other and maybe even soaping up each other.

The Legends – Sunday Nights

Starting Sunday, May 3, until the quarantine is over, Stoc Bar will be presenting “Legends” where they will broadcast the performances of some of their most popular dancers over the years. And they have a large selection to choose from. You’ll be able to watch some of the hottest, sexiest and most talented male strippers from the Stock Bar archives.

The Studio

On Tuesday and Thursday night, there is a live interview with two different dancers. This gives viewers. a chance to get to know the dancers in a more personal way. The dancers can see your comments and will respond. And did I forget to mention that they strip and jack-off to completion? Yes, they do!

Stock Bar in Montreal, Quebec

Three Different Streaming Options

If you have been keeping count, you now know that there are 3 different streaming options on the Stock Bat site. First is the stage show which Is currently showing popular past performances from the Stock Bar archives, and once the quarantine is lifted, will be showing live shows from the club. The second streaming option is the Backstage Spy Cam where you can watch the dancers prepare for their second stage performance by making sure they have an erection before they step out onto the stage. And third, The Studio provides an intimate view of individual dancers who are interviewed and stroke until they shoot – sometimes on their stomach, sometimes on the floor, etc.

Personal Visits To Stock Bar

We have made personal visits to Stock Bar in Montreal, Quebec to see the dancers up close and personal. The private lap dances are locked in our memories and daydreams. In fact, we were suppose to be in Montreal at Stock Bar this month (April 2020) but due to the Covid-19 Quarantine, we had to of course cancel those travel plans. But we will be heading to Montreal once the travel restrictions have been lifted. You can read about one of our previous trips at this link >>>L’un des meilleurs! Stockbar in Montreal is one of the best!

To go to the Stock Bar website, click on any of the pics in this blog. or Click Here !

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