The Impact Of The Carona Virus on the Male Stripper Entertainment Industry

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on Male Strippers and the clubs that feature them. With the required shutdowns of clubs and the recommended personal quarantines, the major impact has been felt in the loss of income for both dancers and clubs. I have spoken to dancers, club managers and entertainers throughout the industry since the awareness of the pandemic was first brought to the forefront. In this blog I want to share what I’ve been told about how many have been impacted and how some have been coping.

Dagger D., male stripper based in Kentucky.

“Performing in this pandemic is difficult, because I dont get to interact with my fans as much as I like to. I’m definitely a hands on entertainer..” – Dagger D, a Kentucky based male stripper. See pic above.

The Impact of The Carona Virus on Male Strippers, Go-Go Boys, and Related Entertainers and support staff

Male sripper Johnny W. Dangerously, based in Ohio.

Impact of Covid-19 on Male Strippers

When the bars and clubs that feature male strippers and go-go boys were first required to close their doors due to the pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty as to how long this would be necessary. A panic spread through the industry. How would bars and clubs be able to survive without a regular source of revenue? How could the entertainers and staff pay their bills without the tipping or other income from the bar that they depended on? These were real fears that for many resulted in a needed change in income source, etc.

New sources of income for Male Strippers

OnlyFans Explodes

At this time, I began to see an explosion of new Only Fans and similar style accounts. In an attempt to help some of the male strippers in obtaining income to replace what they were losing, I featured several dancers in a blog entitled Sexy Bartenders and Male Strippers With OnlyFans accounts. For some this has become a replacement for the tips and wages they had lost when their bar or club was required to close,. These types of accounts are a lot of work to maintain and require a constant input of content to keep the subscribers interested enough to feel they are receiving their money’s worth. If they are not satisfied in the amount or quality of the content, they will cancel their subscription.

Online Shows

Other dancers and entertainers set up online shows and soon found that copyrighted music would get them shutdown by Facebook and other social media. This motivated some to set up Zoom opportunities which can be a good option but requires that the potential customers download and install the software which hindered some from participating.

Sunday Skool with Anisa Love

Anisa Love, female illusionist in Columbus, OH, has hosted online male strip shows in the basement of her home. Her frequent strippers include Johnny W. Dangerously, Joey, Lewis, and Diego, all from the Columbus area.

The Adonis Lounge

The Adonis Lounge – New York, L.A., and Vegas.

The Adonis Lounge who pre-pandemic hosted live shows currently have the following message on their website “Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 we do not have any live shows at venues currently.  In the interim, we are producing weekly virtual on-line shows on Friday nights.  For more information on registering to view the virtual shows please email us at for NYC, or at for LA.  Thank you for your patience and support in the interim and we look forward to having you attend our virtual shows until such time that we can resume live shows again.

Stock Bar – Montreal

Stock Bar in Montreal

The Stock Bar in Montreal has been broadcasting live shows online for several years. During the past few months they have broadcasted live shows when they were allowed to be open and have rerun shows from the past few years when required to close. With either show, you get to see some of the hottest male strippers from North America and of course, they strip to full nude.

Problems With Receiving Tips

Tipping the entertainers created a whole other list of problems. I myself experienced this with CashApp. I am old school and have a PayPal account that I have used for many years. The positive experiences that I have had over the years has created a confidence in using the app without fear of identity, privacy or financial hack problems. In trying to tip some Ohio dancers, I attempted to download and install CashApp. I am computer savvy and rarely have any issues in software installation but I had numerous problems trying to tip the dancers. I eventually gave up on CashApp and found other methods to tip the dancers and used PayPal as the only online money vehicle. I was told there were other customers/fans who had issues as well. It was unfair to the entertainers who would have most likely made much more in tips at a time when they were sorely needed.

Private Parties Disappear

A sudden drop or end to private parties greatly reduced the income of those male strippers who are booked for bachelorette, bachelor, divorce and other types of private parties. At first, no one knew for certain how to protect themselves and had been advised not to gather in groups of ten or more. This caused most party planners to cancel their events for good or wait until a time when they felt the party could be held safely for the host, guests and entertainers. This tension eased up from time-to-time but once it was reported that a party had been the original source of another Carona outbreak, the parties ceased and this source of income dried up again for male strippers.

Impact of Covid-19 on Male Strip Clubs

Death of Loved Ones And ‘Family’ Members

The worst impact of Covid-19 for some clubs that feature male strippers and go-go boys, is the loss of staff members and customers who have died due to the virus. Many of these were considered family to those who are a part of the local culture. They will be missed.

Bar And Club Closings

The second worst impact of Covid-19 for some businesses is permanent closure. Many bars and clubs do not have the financial resources needed to remain closed for a long period of time. There are those who survive week to week with their only source of revenue being the door covers and purchases made by their patrons. Unless a landlord or public utility has a policy in place to financial assist these facilities, they have no other option than to close their doors.

I know of one bar in Dallas, Zippers, that I have been to many times over the years that had to close their doors because a landlord was unwilling to work with them through the pandemic and they were unable to keep up with the rent on the building. They have closed permanently after 32 years in the business.

Several others around the U.S. have not been able to pay their expenses and have found no other option than to close. When the pandemic has officially ended, I wonder how many bars or clubs that previously featured male strippers and go-go boys will still be around.

Go Fund Me Accounts

In order to help their staff financially survive, some clubs have set up Go Fund Me Accounts during required shutdowns. I recommend that you try to support those that are important to you. We will want them to still be around when the pandemic is over.

Modifications For Current Situation

In order to meet the requirements for state and local governments, businesses are adapting their environments to help ensure the safety of their patrons and entertainers. Many bars and clubs have expanded into outdoor patios.

At Dick’s Cabaret in Phoenix, AZ, they are following the cdc recommended guidelines. “We spray down everything with Lysol or a similar spray that kills Covid 19, We give everyone hand sanitizer after they walk in and after a lap dance, we clean all surfaces with disinfectant every half hour including door knobs etc, we offer masks for sale at the door .Customers are required to wear masks while up at the bar or standing up and walking. They can remove them while sitting at their own spot on the floor or in vip. We check all dancers for temperature when they come in and we screen customers with the Covid 19 questions, and we hang these signs.” (See sign below)

The local clubs have been required to reduce their occupancy limit to 1/3 and then 1/2 of allowed occupancy. The seating areas have been redesigned to account for social distancing. The line to the bar is clearly marked on the floor so club goers can maintain a six foot distance between each other. Currently dancing is not allowed.

Columbus, OH
Louisville, KY

Hours of operation have been shortened at many locations with both the opening and closing of the establishment being moved up earlier. In some places this is due to a city-wide or state-wide curfew. See Social Media posts above.

Clubs like Boscoe’s in Columbus, OH have installed barriers between entertainers and customers that allows the entertainer to be seen but keep a social distance from the tippers who place their tips on the stage in front of the barrier. See video above of Grayson Knight Lites dancing at Boscoe’s.

And of course, all locations require a mask to enter. If they do not require one, I recommend that you wear one anyway for your safety and the safety of others as well. Most have also placed hand sanitizer at various locations throughout their facility. Use them.

With social distancing being practiced, there is less social interaction between customers. Depending on the bar or club, this may affect dancers receiving tips. In the past, the dancers at many establishments were able to ‘work the crowd’, walking around the room, speaking with customers and receiving additional tips when not performing. When required to maintain a six foot separation from customers, this eliminates the additional tip gathering process for the dancers. It also lessens the enjoyment of the night’s experience for the customer.

One thing that most bars and clubs have been doing well is keeping their facilities clean and disinfected between hours of operation. This requires an organized and focused effort to wipe down all surfaces when the doors are closed and clean as needed when the doors are open.

Others Entertainers And Activities Affected

Karaoke with Joey
Karaoke with Joey at X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA

There are some things I don’t automatically think of when trying to be safe at a bar or club. Do you perform at Karaoke nights? The microphone covers receive droplets when a person is singing. Droplets are how Covid-19 is spread. At X-Room in Springfield, MA, the Singing Bartender Joey provided microphone covers for each participant to use for another layer of protection. Unfortunately, they have decided to suspend Karaoke for now. Another hit to entertainment from Covid.

Uncertain Future

Another issue these businesses are facing is uncertainty. I have celebrated as I discover that a bar or club has been allowed to reopen after being closed for a month or more, only to find that either a local outbreak or a statewide mandate has required that they once again close down for the safety of their patrons and staff. Sometimes this is a short closure allowing the facility to do a deep cleaning when they have discovered that a customer or a staff member has tested positive. Other times, it is a shutdown to ward off a severe outbreak in the area. As I am writing this, the U.S. continues to set record numbers of infections almost daily.

Impact of Covid-19 on Male Stripper Fans/Customers

Death of loved ones and/or colleagues

Unfortunately many of us have been touched by the tragedy of the pandemic. I have lost several friends who succumbed. On a brighter note, my partner and I have not been ill. Five members of my family did test positive for the virus but made a full recovery.Others in our social circle have done the same.

Limited or Canceled Travel

Traveling around the U.S. has become a very limited option for most. In April, my partner and I had scheduled a vacation that involved a road trip into the Northeast U.S. and up into parts of Canada. Due to the pandemic we canceled the trip. First, we canceled for our own safety. We observed the personal quarantine and like many others ventured out only as necessary. My partner works in the health care industry so he kept his job and continues to do so each day. For a while, if he were to travel out of our area, he would be required by his employer to stay home and self-quarantine for 14 days. So, we did not travel.

Occupation Shifts

Except for a supplemental part-time situation, I am self-employed and have continued much the same as I have in the past. My occupation predominantly involves promotion of the exotic male dancer entertainment industry, With bars and clubs closed, there have been few events or dancers to promote. I will admit to a personal disorientation as to “what do I do now?”. With a fear to travel, limits on travel, and then no destinations being open even if I did travel, I was left with finding other ways to be creative and fill my days with purpose and fulfillment. This past year I found that in vegetable gardening. That’s another story for another time and a different blog.

I have no complaints about employment. I have continued to do much as I did in the past while others have lost their jobs or have had to seek alternate employment

Interaction between Customer And Male Dancer

In many bars and clubs, the intimacy that used to be present when a customer/fan tipped a male dancer has been replaced with masks covering faces and see through barriers between them removing direct interaction. Instead of tipping in the waistband, etc., the customer now places his tips on the floor or in a container. This has created an unwritten “you can look but don’t touch” policy at most clubs featuring male strippers or go-go boys. While it is understood that this is a current necessary precaution, it has removed one of the most enticing reasons a customer tips a dancer. It is my belief that this hinders some fans from tipping as freely as they might have in the past.

Ways to Protect Yourself And Others

For information about keeping yourself and those around you safe, take a few minutes and watch the short videos below.

Final Thoughts

I have found social media to be a lifeboat over the past months enabling me to stay in contact with industry friends and checking the status of dancers and businesses. I have found encouragement and support from others. At the same time, I have been able to somewhat fill my need for social interaction.

We will get through this! Once the pandemic is over, we will rebuild. We will travel again. We will be able to meet in large groups again. We will be able to personally tip our favorite male strippers and try again to cop a feel as we do so. We will mourn the loss of friends and family but there will be a better day and a brighter future. It’s all up to us.

I would love to hear how you have survived the past few months. Please tell your story in the comment section below or message me on Facebook. I would be interested in hearing how dancers and fans alike have adjusted to the changes.


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