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(Posted during pandemic quarantine)

They need our help! With the mandatory shutdown of bars and clubs, our dancing boys and bartenders have lost their income. Currently, we are unable to go to a bar or club to support them. But there is another way we can help to keep these boys dancing. Subscribe to their onlyfans, justforfans or other sites to help them get by during this time. It’s easy and you may be surprised how much you will enjoy it! We’ve collected a list of male dancers and bartenders who we think will get your heart pumping and raise your temperature in a more pleasant way than some nasty old virus. The list is in no certain order.

If you know of someone who would like to be added to this list, have them message us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or in the comments below. Also, check back here because I will be adding new listings as they are submitted to me.

Male Strippers

Simon And Micah

We met Simon this past year when visiting Ohio. He was selected as the Males In Motion Favorite Newcomer for 2019. He’s cute as hell and puts on a good show. Micah is new to us but from the pics we’ve already seen, we want to see and find out more about him.


Mike Wild

Mike wild is one of our industry friends. He has modeled for us in promo pics and was a pleasure to work with. Before that, we had the pleasure of tipping him at. a club. He is also the man behind Sexy Studs Live


Chad Vincent

We met Chad Vincent last year in Indianapolis. This Kentucky boy is well equipped for his role as a male stripper. If you can take your eyes away from other locations, you’ll find he has a great smile as well!. We have had the pleasure of watching him perform on two different occasions. We look forward to the next one.


Logan Starr

Logan Starr is a Males In Motion favorite. He has been featured in several of our blogs. Before this virus craziness, we were scheduled to see him in Connecticut. We are certain to reschedule. He is a dancer with The Men Of Eden. And yes, it is that big!


Kit Wiley/Cole Rhodes

We know him as Kit. This Ohio boy blasted onto the male dancer scene this past year and has been booked ever since, until now.. He has been a regular performer in the Columbus, OH clubs and many other cities and surrounding states. We watched Kit perform in Columbus, OH. Check out his onlyfans site and follow him on Facebook as well. He is crazy in a good way!


Mike “Exotic” Crowder

Mike “Exotic” Crowder is new to us but comes highly recommended by some of our friends in the industry. Mike’s home base is in Cincinnati, OH. We are expecting big things from this dancer. He has big goals and ambitions. Check out his onlyfans now and you’ll be able to say “I knew him back before he got famous!’


Jax X Room

Jax is a dancer at the X-Room in Springfield, MA. He was selected as the Males In Motion favorite nude male dancer for 2019. We will be spending some time with Jax once we’re able to reschedule our trip to the Northeast. We love dancer pics with peak-a-boo pubes!


Adonis Casanova

We met this Kentucky based male stripper in Columbus, OH at O’Connors Club 20 this past year. He puts on a fun and sexy performance and has great costumes to go with it. And an amazing muscular body inside those costumes. We look forward to seeing and tipping him again on a future Ohio or Kentucky trip.


Grayson Knightlites “Pup Grayson”

Grayson has been a Males In Motion favorite for three years. He has been featured several times in our blogs and was even selected as one of our monthly obsessions. We met Grayson this past year in Lima, OH and had the pleasure of being in the dressing room as he was preparing for the night’ performance. We’ll just say that it was our pleasure! We recommend you follow him and enjoy but fair warning, he will make you thirsty!



Luis Vega

Luis Vega is new to us and we know many Males In Motion followers who will enjoy this bear of a dancer.


Diego Chulisimo

We met and tipped Diego this past year at Boscoe’s in Columbus, OH. He has been featured in a couple of our blogs. Diego’s content includes live broadcasts.


Adam Preston

Adam Preston is also new to us but we’re happy to make his acquaintance. We always enjoy men who have no problem with ‘whipping it out’. And while we are on that subject, we think some serious whipping could be done with that thing!

Rebel Holiday

Rebel Holiday is also new to us. This Southern California twink is sure to be just what the doctor ordered for some finding the quarantine a little unbearable.


Michael H. Grey

Rarely do we get the chance to include a local guy in our blogs. Michael H. Grey is based in our home town of Fayetteville, AR. We hope to have the opportunity to work more with him in the coming year.



Cisco is a dancer at the X Room in Springfield, MA. I love this guy because he’s sexy and provides the patrons of X Room with a fun night out. We definitely want to see this dancer through these difficult times so Cisco can continue doing what he does best once this craziness is over.


Trevor Northman

Trevor was another Males In Motion monthly obsession. He looks amazing from all sides. Those who love a great booty will find it right here And when he turns around, everyone else will be happy as well. He Is an amazing go-go boy based in our nation’s capital. When I think about Washington, D.C., I choose to think of Trevor Northman instead of politics.


Alexander Storm

Alexander Storm is based in Kentucky but has danced in KY and surrounding states.


Justin Lee

Justin Lee is new to us. There are several Males In Motion followers who I’m sure will find him quite appetizing.


Sean Harding

Sean Harding is a porn star and go-go dancer, and if I may add… a talented pig bottom. He has all the right equipment to keep tops and bottoms interested. He’ll definitely provide new additions to your spank bank.


Damien DK Kelly


Damien sends his content to followers through snapchat. His content includes both pics and videos. You can also follow him on Facebook.


Orion Starz

Orion is a bartender at one of our favorite clubs, MJ’s on Jefferson, in Dayton, OH. Since the club was required to close, he is not able to stand behind the bar and serve you, and make an income. So, pour yourself a drink and serve up some eye-candy of this cutie from the comfort of your home.


Brian Oliveras

Brian is also a bartender at MJ’s on Jefferson. If I was in charge of the bar, I’d be having Brian shirtless and dressed in leather, a minimal amount of course. He may do that already,, I’m not sure (Does he Jerid?) Those of you who love leather need to check out Brian’s onlyfans. Those who aren’t into leather should check him out too. He’ll probably convert you based on his content. Brian makes us want to be bad, and that’s a good thing, right?


Matt Strother

Matt Strother is currently an award winning bartender in Washington, D.C. but he knows his way around the stage as a nude male stiripper and has even appeared in a porn or two. So, that lets you know that he has some experience to bring to an onlyfans site. Take a close look at the pics below and you’ll see he also has the looks and equipment to back it up! I chose to add the pic below of him in his underwear to please my personal underwear fetish.


Final Thoughts

We all are hoping that this crisis will be over soon. We’re going to make it through If we all stick together and take care of each other. If you know of another male dancer or bartender who has lost their income, please refer them to this page so we can get them listed. They will need to have an onlyfans or similar type site.

And remember I will be adding new listings as they are submitted to me.


The dancing boys in Montreal are still putting on a show. If you still need more strippers in your life click. below and watch the nude dancers at Stock Bar, live every Tuesday through Sunday 8:30pm – 2:30am. If you miss it watch the recorded archives.

Check out our companion site specifically for exotic male dancers, both those just starting out and veteran dancers.

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    1. Thanks for checking them out. I hope you had the opportunity to subscribe to one or two of them. If you think they are hot in this blog, you should see what is in their onlyfans sites.

      1. I am not sure how to do this but will try to join and support youbeautiful people. Thank you for this opportunity much love guys.

    1. Me too. MJ’s is one of our favorite venues for male strippers. Lots of good people work their too. We love the Ohio dancing boys as well.

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