Primal Urges – Logan Starr – Males In Motion Obsession for January 2019 (Pre-Pandemic)

Photo Source: Logan Starr Facebook

My brain disengages and the primal urges take over. That is my response each time I see Logan Starr. There is no need to think about it…I’m not asking should I tip. It’s automatic. I’m on auto-pilot. The thought of a more tactile experience makes my feet want to travel in a Northeast direction. I’m driven by impulses of which I choose to have no control.  

Photo Source: Logan Starr Facebook

As a gentleman I will not describe my Logan Starr daydreams in detail. Our friend Cobalt expressed it this way to Bryce Eden Adonis of Men of Eden, “I don’t know where you found Logan Starr, but he gives me boners every time you post a pic. lol And, he’s a nice, smart guy too. hang onto him!” My response to that Facebook post was ‘ditto’!

Logan can often be found dancing at Trevi Lounge in Fairfield, CT appearing with the Men Of Eden.      I almost pass out every time I watch the video below. Click play and watch…but fair warning…you might want to be sitting down as it plays. 

I highly recommend you follow Logan Starr on Instagram where you’ll find pics like the one below, and the videos that have been added to this blog. Does your tongue start to dance when it sees the highlighted nipples below? I’m asking for a friend.

Photo Source: Logan Starr Facebook

I find myself motivated by Logan to make another trip to Connecticut and watch that body move. My birthday is in May. I know now what I’ll be wishing for this year. I’m looking forward to cakes and blowing out the candle! (Well, I can still have my daydreams…just like animals, animals…”).  

Photo Source: Logan Starr Facebook

If you find yourself anywhere near Connecticut, check out the Men Of Eden social media and see where they are performing. Logan will be there with a packed house.

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