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There are three main cities in Missouri where I have traveled to visit clubs that feature male strippers or go-go boys: St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield. My first fully-nude male strip club experience was at Boxers-N-Briefs which is actually located in eastern Illinois but is in the St. Louis metropolitan area. I have enjoyed the go-go dancers at MIssie B’s in Kansas City on many occasions. The Men of Skin provide the dancers at MIssie B’s. I have followed the Men Of Skin to Springfield for several New Year’s Eve parties at Mix Ultralounge.

NOTE: This listing is based on pre-Carona virus information. The clubs listed did feature male strippers on a regular basis, some monthly, weekly or daily. We will make modifications and update this list as we are made aware of any changes that have taken place. If you are aware of closings, new openings, etc., please let us know in the comments below.

Male Strip Clubs in Cape Girardeau

Independence Place

Click pic above to go to Independence Place Facebook page.

The Sexy Studs Live frequently perform at Indepence Place. Check the social media of either for event dates. Click the ad below to go to Sexy Studs Live Facebook page.

Sexy Studs Live- For more see lower on this page.

Male Strip Clubs in

Kansas City

Missie B’s

I have visited Missie B’s many times over the years. I return because of The Men Of Skin who provide the quality go-go boys who dance upstairs. The club can get packed on Friday and Saturday nights. So get there early. Have a drink and tip the go-go boys. They rotate three or more dancers during the night.

Male Strip Clubs in St. Louis

Boxers N Briefs

Closed Permanently During Covid

Boxers N Briefs is actually in Centreville, Illinois but is across the Mississippi River in the St. Louis metro area.

Boxers N Briefs was the first all-nude male strip club that I visited. I can remember having to catch my breath when I entered the building and looked up to see nude male dancers on the front bar. A big smile spread across my face and I knew I was where I belonged. I have returned many, many times since then. I have enjoyed several private lap dances in the back area and even did a photoshoot with several dancers a few years ago. Much of the travel that I do for Males In Motion involves road trips and several destinations require that I pass through the St. Louis area. Each time that I do, I always find time to drive across the Mississippi River to Centreville, IL and stop in at Boxers N Briefs. At the time I am writing this, BnB is closed due to Covid restrictions enforced by the state of Illinois. To find out when and if they are open, check their Facebook page. Their Instagram is less used and Twitter account is not used.

Male Stripper Agencies in Missouri

Men Of Skin

I have followed The Men Of Skin for several years. I am watched them perform in Wichita, KS, Tulsa, OK, Springfield, MO and many times in their home city of Kansas City. The main thing that sets them apart is their focus on entertaining everyone equally. Whether you are a female or gay male makes no difference. They strive to make sure everyone is having a good time. This holds true in their male revue type shows as well as their appearances everyone weekend at Missie B’s as go-go boys. As a result, Ryan Estep, owner and dancer with the Men of Skin, and his wife Jo have become personal friends over the years. I have to keep an eye on Jo. She makes it her mission to get me drunk every time we wind up in the same place together. I recommend Men Of Skin without reservation. They can perform as male strippers, go-go boys, a male revue show, or for a private party. Contact them through their Facebook page.

Sexy Studs Live

I have known some of the guys with Sexy Studs Live for many years. I first met Calvin (middle above) when he was a dancer at Boxers N Briefs. Mike (above right) has posed as a model for Males In Motion advertising (See Featured Dancers Below). These dancers know how to work a crowd and they’re honestly just good people, super sexy and nice guys. Contact them through their Facebook page. They can provide the entertainment you need for your event.

Featured Male Strippers


Men Of Skin

I met Zion back in 2013 and have followed him and the Men Of Skin ever since. This multi-talented dancer always brings quality to every performance. He has performed as a male stripper, go-go boy and member of a male revue. He is also a skilled craftsman at creating costumes used in many of the shows. Zion was featured as a Males In Motion Monthly Obsession. And you can add calendar pinup as he is featured in the Men Of Skin 2021 calendar.

Contact Zion through the Men Of Skin Facebook page for booking Zion or any of the other Men of Skin dancers.

Mike Wild

Sexy Studs Live

I met Mike a few years ago when I was visiting Boxers N Briefs. He was one of the dancers that night. We hit it off and I asked him to pose as a model for some Males In Motion promotional pics. Since that time he has also become the man behind Sexy Studs Live who perform at various clubs in the midwest United States. He has also performed at Charlie’s in Las Vegas.

I promise you won’t find a nicer guy in the male stripper entertainment business. Having him around elevates the atmosphere, plus as you can see provides some very nice eye candy as well. He has a variety of different sexy costumes that he wears in his performances. Contact him through his Facebook page for booking information. You also might want to take a few minutes and check out his OnlyFans site.

Final Thoughts

Whether you wind up in Kansas City or St. Louis, your nights are already reserved for the dancing boys. I have.a few recommendations for how to fill your days while waiting for the night. If you enjoy art museums, you owe it to yourself to visit the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. If you enjoy sports depending on the season you can catch a Royals baseball game of a Chiefs football game. I like to shop and one of my favorite stops is IKEA. I also enjoy staying on the Kansas side of the city near the Legends outlet mall. I have stayed at a Marriott there where I only had to step across a small side street o shop. There are some decent restaurants there as well.

In St. Louis you must do the tourist thing an go up inside the Arch. Sports fans can watch the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. I shop at the IKEA in St. Louis as well. At least one meal while in the are should be eaten at Imo’s Pizza. There are locations throughout the city. It’s a must for me when I am in the area.


Stock Bar

Montreal, Quebec

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  • You can still tip your favorite dancers even when you are not at the club.

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