Males In Motion Heartthrobs for Valentine’s Day 2020 (Pre-Pandemic)

There are certain male dancers that have come to our attention over the past few months. Some we have been following for a while now. Others have recently popped onto the scene. For one reason or another, they have made an impression and we have been unable to look away, not that we would want to. The list is in no specific order, we are obsessed with the entire group. Check out our list of 9 and let us know which ones make you throb. **Insert evil grin here**


We have followed Colin for several years. He was selected as the Ohio Stripper Of The Year for 2018. We met Colin when he performed at Crossings in Lexington, KY. As you can see he is very photogenic, and a talented performer as well. We also like that he Is a blond, a delicacy in the male stripper circles these days. This Ohio boy can often be found dancing in many cities in Ohio as well as nearby states. You can follow Colin on his Facebook page.

Prince Go-Go

Prince Go-Go can be seen dancing at several of the clubs in Phoenix, AZ. We first saw him at Charlie’s Phoenix last May for Mike’s birthday celebration. He regularly posts pics on social media that make our heart skip-a-beat. We selected him as the Males In Motion Favorite Go-Go Dancer for 2019. He looks hot both coming and going. Prince Go-Go dances with the Sinful Studz who weekly place dancers in clubs across the Phoenix area. You can follow Prince GoGo on his Facebook page.


We’ve been following Alex for a while now, along with all the other hot male dancers frequently seen at Club Chico and Club Cobra in the Los Angeles area. Our Facebook followers went crazy when we shared a pic of Alex at Club Chico on Facebook. We received so many questions about who this hottie was and where did he dance. We understand completely. He has an amazing body with a bulge to match. Watch for Alex by following the Club Chico and Club Cobra Facebook pages. Club Chico was selected as the Males In Motion Favorite Latino Bar for 2019.


Jax first caught our eye when a pic of him was posted on the X-Room at Mardi Gras Facebook page. X-Room has been a Males In Motion favorite all-nude male strip club for several years. We try to make it to Springfield, Massachusetts to visit whenever possible. Our industry friend, Sammy Valezquez is the manager. I mentioned to Sammy that I liked the look of his dancer Jax. The next thing I know, I’m chatting with Jax and the more we chat, the more I like him. I will be going to X-Room in May and hopefully will get to spend some time with Jax while there. You can follow Jax on his Facebook page.Jax was also selected as the Males In Motion Favorite Nude Male Dancer For 2019.

Logan Starr

Logan is a crowd-pleaser when he performs. He’s also quite the ‘Starr’ in the Males In Motion circles. As a regular performer with The Men Of Eden, he has built a fan base starting in Connecticut and throughout the Northeast. On our last trip to The Northeast U.S. we missed Logan but in May we hope to correct that situation. We’ve been chatting with Logan and have plans to catch him in both Connecticut and Massachusetts while in the area. Logan has appeared in several Males In Motion lists and featured blogs including the Males In Motion Obsession for January 2019 and the 2019 Males In Motion List of Favorites.

Mike Wild

Mike is the man behind Sexy Studs Live. When he’s not performing in one of their shows, you may find him dancing at Piranha Nightclub or Charlie’s in Las Vegas, or Boxers N’Briefs near St. Louis where we first met him. There is really no telling where he’ll turn up. Mike is a motivated individual who carves a path to where he wants to be. I consider Mike an industry friend. Yes, he’s hot and sexy but he is also a truly nice guy. Ok, enough with the niceties, He has an amazing ass as well as other pleasing man parts. You can follow Mike on his Facebook page.

Justin Cash

We first became aware of Justin Cash at Boscoe’s in Columbus, OH where he was stripping during one of our Fall visits. He’s long and lean and long. **wink, wink**. He has one of those smiles that lights up the room. He was another reason for an epic night at Boscoe’s of drinking, tipping the boys, and hanging with friends. On our next trip to Ohio, we’ll be trying to track down where Justin is performing. It’s been a looooong time since we’ve watched him dance and we’re looking forward to another opportunity.

Calvin Cox

Another dancer with The Men Of Eden has captured our attention this year. He can also be found from time-to-time at X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA. Calvin is an original with a look and style all his own. And that style is one we like and from the feedback we’ve received, so do his many fans. I look forward to catching Calvin with The Men of Eden in a couple of months. I love his promo pic above. Tan lines are so sexy! You can follow Calvin on his Facebook page.

Trevor Northman

Trevor Northman is one of the best go-go dancers in North America. He takes command of the stage, box, platform, etc., with energy and intensity. This is one dancer you will definitely want to follow on social media. Trevor is always happy to place his tight and defined body on display in pics and videos. We look forward to his frequent posts. We’ve been following Trevor for a while now. He was selected as the Males In Motion Obsession for October 2017. You can follow Trevor on his Facebook page. Trevor is a weekly dancer at clubs in Washington,D.C. but is known to take a road trip now and then to other cities.


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  1. I love all of your choices, as usual. They all seem very hot in very different ways. I love a diversity of types. You covered most of them. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Dave for following Males In Motion and for reading the blogs. It is appreciated. I wish you many tipping opportunities in your future.

  2. Colin David is former Ohio Allstar stripper of the year 2018, Al Ex is Ohio Allstar stripper of the year 2019.

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