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Males In Motion

We skipped posting our favorites in 2020 due to Covid. But this year as clubs and cities began to open up again and we were able to travel to some locations in the U.S. Although our travels were still somewhat limited, we did have some fun experiences in 2021 that we would like to highlight in this blog.

This is a subjective list and is based solely on our experiences and those of our social circle, social media friends and blog readers. For clubs we considered how often they feature male dancers. For male dancers we considered how often they perform., and feedback from others . Click on the pic to find out more about that specific favorite. Please leave a comment below if you would like to mention one of your favorites of 2021. Thanks for reading this blog and following Males In Motion.  

Favorite Club That Features Male Dancers

The Corner Pocket in New Orleans, LA

We have been to The Corner Pocket in New Orleans, LA many times over the years. We have consistently had a great time each visit. There is always a variety of different types of dancers and we always find one or more that captures our attention for the night, or sometimes two or three nights as we return to the bar for more fun! Click here to read our 2021 review of The Corner Pocket.

Favorite Nude Male Strip Club

Stock Bar in Montreal, Quebec

We had planned a trip to Montreal for October to visit Stock Bar. However, the Canadian border was allowing limited entry due to Covid. We’ve rescheduled and will be going to Montreal in 2022. Stoock Bar online is where we found our male stripper fix during lock downs and border closings. The screen capture pics above were grabbed last night so you can get a current look at why the Stock Bar is our Favorite Nude Male Strip Club for 2021. We do want to point out that Males In Motion is an advertising affiliate with the Stock Bar. But we also want to make it clear that we would have never become an advertising affiliate if we didn’t believe and personally enjoy what they are doing at the Stock Bar. Click here or the pic above to see more sexy nude pics and read our review of Stock Bar online.

Favorite Male Stripper Selfie Promo Pic

Chad Vincent

Chad Vincent

We have been following Kentucky boy, Chad Vincent, for a few years now. We have watched him perform at venues in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. He is one of our favorites. Thie above pic caught our attention while scrolling through our twitter feed. We think you can understand why. If you’d like to see more pics and less clothes on Chad Vincent, I recommend you follow him on Twitter like I did. Click here to check out his twitter account. He also has an Only Fans site you can go too from there if interested.

Favorite Costume

Judas Elliot as Venom

Judas Elliott

Judas Elliot has always been very creative when it comes to developing costumes. Add to his creativity an amazing body transformation and we took notice. We suggest you follow him on Facebook and see more of his costumes and the body he has built. Another of our favorites is Woody from Toy Story. Click here to check out his Facebook account.

Favorite Mistress Of Ceremonies

Felicia Phillips – New Orleans, LA

Felicia Phillips

Felicia Phillips needs no other entertainers to be able to put on a great show but when you add in the boys on the bar at The Corner Pocket, well, then we want to be in a seat right at the bar. We say thank you to Felicia for all she does to keep the parade of hot men moving in front of our eyes as we look up from our bar stools and place tips as close to those bulges as possible. To follow Felicia at The Corner Pocket and other performances, click here and check out her Facebook page.

Favorite Nude Male Dancer

And Favorite Public Lap Dance

Murph, Male Dancer

at Swinging Richard’s in Atlanta, GA

(no pic available)

Swinging Richard’s does not allow photography inside their club. This didn’t stop us in recognizing Murph as giving the most enjoyable public lap dance for 2021. Murph is about 6′ 2″ with a tight slim body. In the public area of the club, Murph slipped out of his jock strap and moved in nice and close. If you find yourself in Atlanta, we recommend that you stop in at Swinging Richard’s and allow Murph to provide you the same quality entertainment as we received. We chose Murph for the lap dance not only for his sexy body and handsome face, but because he was one of the few dancers that stopped by our table to say thanks after we had tipped him on stage. Click here to find out more about Swinging Richard’s Male Strip Club in Atlanta.

Favorite Online Presence By A Club

That Features Male Dancers

340 Nightclub – Pomona, CA

We’ve been following 340 Nightclub in Pomona, CA on Facebook for several years. They regularly feature hot male dancers and post sexy pics and videos of them. They post promotional pics before the dancers perform and frequently post pics of their performances. If you want to enjoy some amazing eye candy while checking your Facebook account, “like” the 340 Nightclub Facebook page. Click here to go there now.

Favorite Male Dancer Agency

Sinful Studs Based in Phoenix, AZ

Providing male dancers for Charlie’s Phoenix, other venues, bachelor and bachelorette parties, the Sinful Studs of Phoenix, AZ are our favorite male dancer agency for 2021. Their dancers are always hot, sexy and ready to move on the stage, the dance floor, the box, or wherever. your party is held. We have enjoyed these dancers at Charlie’s in Phoenix, AZ. If you are looking to make some extra cash or to book a male dancer for your next event, contact Sinful Studs through their Facebook Page by clicking here.

Sinful Studs – Phoenix, AZ

Favorite Twitter Account To Follow

Aussie Boy (Brayden Ifould)

Brayden Ifould regularly posts pics and videos of his amazing body. This sexy Australian male stirs up your deepest cravings whether you are looking at the front or the back. His videos pull you into his world making you feel like the voyeur who is getting to see the private life of this beautiful young man. If you like what you see on Twitter, you have the opportunity to subscribe to his Only Fans site. The link is regularly posted. Click here to see Aussie Boy’s muscular bubble butt and more on Twitter.

Favorite Male Dancer Performance

Alan at The Toolbox Saloon

in Columbus, OH

Toolbox Saloon
Alan At The Toolbox Saloon in Columbus, OH

Our first road trip after the restricted travel of the pandemic found us at The Toolbox Saloon in Columbus, OH. Every one of our experiences were heightened by the fact that we were finally returning to our favorite form of entertainment in a city that we have grown to love. The pandemic had left thirsty and in need of watching male dancers shake their jiggly bits. Click here and read our review of this experience.

Favorite Private Lap Dance

Antoine at BJ Roosters in Atlanta

(no pic available)

We forgot to ask permission to take pics of those at BJ Roosters the night we were there. However, the private lap dances at BJ Roosters are given in dark areas behind black curtains. So, we invite you to use your imagination and visualize our experience. Antoine is a black male dancer who we would describe as pretty. In other words he has a very handsome face. His sexy body is slim, yet muscular. Some might describe him as a toned Twink. Antoine provides a private lap dance that is sensual with a small degree of affection. All the time you are aware that he is playing the game of entertainer. You know it, but you do not care because you are enjoying it. Click here and read our review of BJ Roosters in Atlanta.

Favorite Male Dancer For 2021

Dallas – New Orleans, LA

We started the year out right in 2021 by visiting The Corner Pocket in New Orleans in January. It was there that we met the male dancer Dallas. We spent a couple of nights at the bar and enjoyed hanging around with Dallas as well as enjoying our time at The Corner Pocket. There were no male dancer experiences in 2021 that exceeded the fun we enjoyed with Dallas. Dancers at The Corner Pocket come and go. There are a few that have stayed around a while. We’re not sure if Dallas is still dancing but we enjoyed the time we had in his company. Click here to read about our experience with The Bayou Boy.

Visit our companion site, Male Stripper Guru, for tips and suggestions for successful male dancers and go-go boys.

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