Males In Motion 2019 Favorites (Pre-Pandemic)

In this blog we are listing our favorites of the year. This is a subjective list and is based solely on our experiences and those of our social circle, social media friends and blog readers. For clubs we considered how often they feature male dancers. For male dancers we considered how often they perform., and feedback from others . Click on the pic to find out more about that specific favorite. Please leave a comment below if you would like to mention one of your favorites of 2019. Thanks for reading this blog and following Males In Motion.  

#1 Favorite Club (Features Male Dancers Several Nights Each Week): Boscoe’s – Columbus, OH

I have visited Boscoe’s many times over the past three years. This year I experienced an “Epic Night”. All the ingredients came together to make it one of the most fun nights I have ever experienced at a club. There was talented entertainers, hot and seductive male strippers, strong cocktails, and I was surrounded by good friends.

  #2 Favorite NUDE Male Strip Club (Features Male Dancers Nightly): Dick’s Cabaret – Phoenix, AZ

For my birthday this past year, I chose to party in Phoenix, AZ and it was an amazing weekend. One of the highlights of the weekend was a night at Dick’s Cabaret, the fully nude male strip club in Phoenix. I had been to Dick’s in the past and had enjoyed myself. This visit was fun as well due mainly to the talents and ‘assets’ of one particular dancer named AJ.  

  #3 Favorite Latino Bar (Features Male Dancers Wed.-Sat.):Club Chico – Montebello, CA

If you aren’t already following this club on Facebook, you need to start following Club Chico now . Each week they feature some of the hottest male dancers in the U.S. And if you are into Latin males, then you’ll think you’ve struck a gold mine. And of course if you live in Southern California, you owe it to yourself to visit Club Chico and see these amazing male dancers in person.

#4 Favorite Show Bar (Features Male Dancers Weekly):
MJ’s on Jefferson in Dayton, OH

Mj’s is one of our favorite U.S.venus that feature male strippers. The club features male dancers weekly including their Tuesday night Dirty Boy show! The club is also the host site for the Ohio Male Stripper of The Year Contest held on Labor Day weekend. We love the layout and facilities you find at MJ’s on Jefferson. We also appreciate the staff, bartenders, and management for all they do to support the exotic male dancer entertainment industry.MJ’s was also listed as a favorite last year.


  #5 Favorite Males In Motion Monthly Obsession: Logan Starr

Logan Starr is a male stripper with The Men Of Eden based in Connecticut. He was selected to be the Males In Motion monthly Obsession for January 2019 and then also selected as one of the Hot 19 of 2019. You can find Logan dancing with the Men of Eden on Wednesday nights at Trevi Lounge in Fairfield, CT and also at Chez Est in Hartford, CT the first Friday of every month. Check out his social media for some hot and sexy pics and videos. You can also follow The Men Of Eden by clicking here.

#6 Favorite Promotional Pics – Grayson L. Knight-Lites

I have been a fan of Grayson Knight-Lites for over three years. He was selected as a Males In Motion Monthly Obsession back in 2017. Grayson always presents some of the sexiest promotional pics in the business. I highly recommend that you follow him on Twitter. You can thank me later. I have watched him perform in person twice. This past October we finally met at the Next Magic Mike Contest at Somewhere Nightclub in Lima, OH. You’ll see that I am a huge fan when you notice that his name will pop up again in this blog.  

  #7 Favorite Bulge Pic: Jose Dones

I shared many pics and videos of Jose Dones on social media in 2019. He is one of those rare go go dancers who can do back flips and other athletic feats.He also has an amazing body to go with it. I recommend that you follow him on Instagram and see for yourself. You’ll be sharing his pics and videos in no time. Jose was selected as the Males In Motion Monthly Obsession for February 2019. He was also selected as one of the Males In Motion Hot 19 of 2019! Jose has also started selling gogo costumes similar to those he himself wears.

#8 Favorite Use Of Costumes By A Male Dancer:
Grayson Knight-Lites – Columbus, OH

Grayson L. Knight-Lites has one of the best costume collection of any of the male strippers I have seen. He may step onto the stage as an athlete, superhero, or one of theX-men,. The best part of all of them is that the big bulge and delicious ass will always be included.

#9 Favorite Theme Nights Of The Week:
Various – See List Below

  #10 Favorite Newcomer:
Simon Decardeza West – Columbus, OH

Simon is adorably cute and has one of those smiles that as they say, “lights up the room.” I met him and saw him perform at the Next Magic Mike Contest at Somewhere Nightclub in Lima, OH . Simon won the contest. I look forward to following, watching and tipping Simon for years to come!.

  #11 Favorite Mistress Of Ceremonies:
Abortia Clinique (Bryan Richardson) – Columbus, OH

This year we were able to return to the Sunday Night “Show N Tail” at Club 20 and hosted by Abortia Clinique.. We have enjoyed her shows at Club 20 several times. She always has a fine selection of male strippers in her shows. We first watched and tipped many of our Ohio favorite male strippers while attending one of her shows. Abortia is witty, and keeps the show moving along at a good pace while making it fun. This is the second year in a row that we have selected Abortia as one of our favorites.

  #12 Favorite Male Dancer Performance:
Johnny W. Dangerously at Axis in Columbus, OH

2019 was a very momentous year for me personally. On August 30 I experienced a mild stroke due to high blood pressure while traveling to Ohio.I was very fortunate and have made an amazing recovery. Whenever I go to Ohio, I seek out where Johnny W. Dangerously will be performing. Johnny is one of my favorite all-time male strippers. He is a former Males In Motion Monthly Obsession and was selected for the Males In Motion Hot 19 of 2019! I was able to catch Johnny at Axis in Columbus, OH on October 14. At that time I was in the process of recovery from the stroke. Seeing Johnny on that night made me feel like things were getting back to normal. At the end of the video above, we chatted for a few minutes. This night made me feel life would return much the same as it had been and I would continue being the super male stripper fan, and more specifically a Johnny W. Dangerously fan! My personal encouragement to all blog readers is to keep your blood pressure under control. Have it checked. We want you to stay around and in good health for many years to come. Thanks Johnny, you had no idea how you impacted my life that night just doing what you do well.

#13 Favorite Private Lap Dance:
AJ – Phoenix, AZ

I chose to celebrate my birthday in 2019 with a trip to Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix has many clubs that feature male strippers. Dick’s Cabaret is.a full-nude male strip club thet caters mainly to gay men. When in Phoenix, I of course always include a night at Dick’s Cabaret. I also include a trip to the VIP area for a private lap dance. This night it was with AJ. Needless to say, I had a great time and was happily entertained by AJ. He has an amazing body, good looks, and physical assets that gave this Mikey the Happy Birthday wish I was seeking.

#14 Favorite Nude Male Dancer:
Jax – Springfield, MA

Jax is a male dancer at the X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA. Although I have not yet had the pleasure of watching Jax dance, or spending time with him in for a private lap dance, he comes highly recommended by Males In Motion followers who have enjoyed such activities. I recently chatted with Jax and club manager, Samuel Valezquez, and have scheduled a trip to the Northeast for late Spring or early Summer. I will have my Jax time in 2020.

#15 Favorite Go-Go Dancer:
Prince Go Go – Phoenix, AZ

Prince Gogo dances with Sinful Studs in Phoenix, AZ. He can often be seen at Charlie’s Phoenix.As you can see, Prince GoGo is fun to watch from any angle and even more fun to tip! If you want to see high quality eye candy slide across your Facebook wall, send Prince GoGo a friend request (Click pic above). Also follow, Sergio GoGo, the man behind Sinful Studs, to see where Prince GoGo and the other hot dancers will be performing. It’s time to schedule your vacation to Phoenix, seriously handsome and sexy male dancers are abundant in this city. And I recommend that one night be spent at Charlie’s Phoenix where you’ll find the best outdoor patio experience with male dancers like Prince GoGo scattered around on stages and boxes. Prince GoGo was selected as one of the Males In Motion Hot 19 of 2019!

#16 Favorite Outdoor Venue:
Charlie’s – Phoenix, AZ

The patio at Charlie’s Phoenix is a paradise for an exotic male dancer fan. Sergio GoGo and his Sinful Studs provide bulges and bubble butts at eye level in almost every direction. . And to top it all off, there are cowboy bartenders serving drinks behind the bars. My senses were on overload. During my birthday week celebration, I returned to Charlie’s on three separate occasions. All I can say is that the Charlie’s Phoenix patio fit my likes, wants, wishes and desires perfectly. I can think of no better place I could have celebrated my birthday!!!

  #17 Favorite Pole Dancer:
Torsten – Indianapolis,. IN

Some Pole dancers spend their time swinging around and around the pole. Torsten takes it to the next level and creates a form of art. His tight, wire muscular body is strong and graceful. But don’t worry, there’s no skimp on the sex appeal. As he performs on the pole, he also strips revealing the large bulge that he artistically displays. I watched Torsten at Zonie’s Closet in Indianapolis, IN where he is a frequent performer. Many may not know it but he is also a jewelry artisan.    

#18 Favorite Body Shots With A Male Dancer:
Tommy – Phoenix, AZ

We moved to the outside patio at Pat O’s Bunkhouse Saloon in Phoenix, AZ. One of our group had spoken to the dancer Tommy. The next thing I know Tommy is laying on an outdoor stage and I am being treated to body shots for my birthday. That smooth body made it easy for me to lap up every last drop and I did it in a most eagerly way! Great fun! And a great way to celebrate my birthday!


  #19 Favorite Male Stripper:
Dagger D. –

I had the pleasure of interacting with Dagger D on a few occasions in 2019. We both served as judges at the Lexington, KY prelim for the Ohio Male Stripper Of The Year Competition. Jay and I partied with Dagger D and his pups at Boscoe’s in Columbus, OH in October. We’ve chatted several times since. As a fan of the leather community, I enjoy watching his participation in the pup culture and dancing in the pup costumes. At Bosoe’ s I presented him a box of Scooby snacks (for humans). I enjoy watching him perform, tipping him, and just hanging out and talking. Dagger D was also selected as one of the Males In Motion Hot 19 of 2019!I look forward to our next encounter either in Kentucky or Ohio sometime in the next few months.

      Thank you to everyone who participated in the exotic male dancer entertainment industry in 2019. Thank you first to all the customers who pay cover charges, buy cocktails and beers, and tip the dancing boys! Thanks to all the dancing boys who entertain us each week! Thanks to all the show directors who bring in the dancing boys for their shows. Thanks to the bartenders who serve us and keep us smiling. Thanks to all those who work behind the scenes. Thanks to the managers and owners who put in long hours. And all those who I have failed to mention. Thank you all for everything you do to keep the boys dancing! Until next time, don’t forget to tip the boys!!!  

  Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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