Lock The Door And Turn The Phone Off ~ Santana ~ Males In Motion October Obsession (Pre-Pandemic)

“Excuse me for the moment. I’m in another world.” Don’t disturb me! I’m having daydreams about Carlos “Santana” Gomez! You just go on about your business and let me have a few moments lost in my thoughts. Enjoy the pics of him in this blog. I’m remembering his strip performances at the Next Magic Mike Contest at Somewhere in Lima, OH. It was just me and Santana, alone in the dark, well, there was a spotlight on him but I always have spotlights in my fantasies. Don’t you?  

Photo Source: Santana’s Facebook Page

Actually we may have been in a crowded room of male stripper fans and he was performing for all of us. But I know he must have been thinking about me when he was dancing. The way he moved that tight body. The way he slid his clothes off and let them fall to the floor. I watched as the bride-to-be rained dollars to the floor as Santana did his dance of seduction. All I can say is lock the door and turn off the phone. 

Photo Source: Santana’s Facebook Page

From my first glimpse of Santana I started hearing the lyrics to a song bounce around in my head. I looked at his face and heard “sheer perfection”. I saw his body and heard “fire and desire”. I looked lower and heard “taste of sin”. It finally came to me. I was going back to a classic from 1987 “Don’t Disturb This Groove”. I’ve replaced the word ‘girl’ to say “you’re my favorite male stripper” this month. I’ve included the song below. Click play and look back over Santana’s pic. Before you do, you might want to ‘Hang the sign upon the door’ so you can have some alone time. Now “Close your eyes and let the music put you in the mood.”  

Santana was the winner of the contest and it’s easy to see why. For me the most important reason is how he pulled the crowd into his performances. Yes, he’s sexy. Yes, he has a great body, handsome face, and he looks good wearing or not wearing anything!! All of this has led us to select Santana as the Males In Motion 2018 October obsession! ‘The feeling is so real’. Santana, Males In Motion is ‘so into you’!  

Photo Source: Santana’s Facebook Page

Follow Santana on his facebook page and catch his performances in Ohio and surrounding states. Until next time, make it rain for the dancing boys in your area! I’ll catch you in the next blog, I’m going back to my Santana daydream.  

Photo Source: Santana’s Facebook Page

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