Kissed By Mother Nature ~ Jose Dones ~ Males In Motion Obsession for February 2019 (Pre-Pandemic)

Mother Nature was kind to Jose Dones. He has taken what she gave him and made it even better! I stumbled upon Jose Dones on Instagram. It was probably one of those suggested accounts I should follow. Instagram was so right! I have enjoyed each and every post that Jose has made. I know you’ll agree. 

When we say that Jose Dones was kissed by Mother Nature, we invite you to just take a look. There is so much to enjoy and appreciate. The smoldering eyes, tight defined body, full bulge and firm ass…**sigh**…all comes together to make us take notice immediately. We’re ready to book our flight to Florida to catch this hottie in action! “The more you tip, the more I”ll flip!”

Of course, that amazing body will pull you right in. And who doesn’t want to tip that bulge! I do. I do. But that lovable smile will grab you when you least expect it. Then you’ll be obsessed with Jose Dones, just like we are! That is why we found it easy to name Jose Dones the Males In Motion Obsession for February 2019.

If he wanted to, Jose could stand around and shuffle a little and we would still want to tip him. El es caliente! But he has the physical ability to move and do things that many dancers cannot do. If we let it, our imagination would just run wild right now! Ok, we’re going to stop for a few minutes and let our imagination run wild. We’ll be right back! …

…ok, so that was fun! Do you make the annual pilgrimage to Florida for Spring Break or Summer Vacation? If so, we encourage you to follow Jose Dones on social media and find out where he’ll be dancing. Add a Jose night to your vacation agenda. You know you’ll enjoy it! Until next time, don’t forget to tip the boys!

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