I Surrender To The Men Of Club Cobra ~ North Hollywood, CA ~ The Males In Motion May Obsession (Pre-Pandemic)

 I willingly surrender to the seduction of the Men Of Club Cobra in North Hollywood, CA. I’m like the starstruck fan who sees his celebrity idol for the first time. Each week I check the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Club Cobra for the latest pics and videos of the male dancers at the club. I can honestly say that I have ‘liked’, ‘loved’ and ‘shared’ their pics and videos as much or more than any other club that features male dancers. There are two reasons for this: First, the dancers fulfill the wish list of any male dancer fan. Second, Jorge Alejandro has become my newest hero for taking and sharing his images of these male dancer gods! 

As you can see, Jay is the complete package! Damn, he makes me get lost in my daydreams! 


Let’s speak plainly here. These boys are hung! And we are so very thankful that they choose to wear underwear that provides a very clear view of what is behind the thin cover of fabric. I mean, just look at the VPLs in the pics in this blog. And it is just as delicious when they turn around and begin to shake those bubble butts!

These boys know how to draw you in. Just looking at these pics makes me want to reach in my pocket and pull out the ones! Of course, then I want to start stuffing those ones down their waistbands. And even though I am a gentleman, I’m not going to promise my hands won’t try to do a little exploration.  

I had tried to select one dancer from the group to be the Males In Motion May Obsession but it was too difficult to narrow it down to one. With so many hotties, I decided that we would select all the male dancers that perform at Club Cobra to be our Males In Motion Obsession for May. It was also difficult to narrow down the pics and videos in this blog. There were so many to choose from. I encourage every reader of this blog to ‘friend’ Club Cobra on Facebook and ‘follow’ them on Instagram. You’ll be seduced and look forward to every post!

 We’ve been following Angel (above) for several years. He has remained popular and in this pic you can see why.  

   If you live in or will be visiting Southern California in the Los Angeles area, drop in to Club Cobra in North Hollywood. Tip these hotties! And most importantly, report back to me and tell me about your experience. I want all the details. I don’t make it to Southern California near as often as I would like.


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