Hot 19 Of 2019 Male Strippers We Love To Follow (Pre-Pandemic)

Some male strippers stay around a while and have great careers but most come and go. Who is hot right now? 

A few weeks ago I polled a select group of the Males In Motion followers and insiders in the exotic male dancer industry, and asked them to tell me their three top favorite exotic male dancers of 2019. The following list represents some of the top male strippers who are currently performing. Check them out and see if any of your favorites are here.

The exotic male dancers are listed in no specific order. Click on their pic to go to their Facebook page or other social media.

Logan Starr

Logan is a male dancer with The Men Of Eden. He is based in New Haven, CT. Logan was selected to be the Males In Motion Obsession for January 2019. He is a New England favorite.


Gio is a Go Go Dancer at Piranha Nightclub in Las Vegas. He was selected to be the Males In Motion Obsession for February 2018 and is still hot as ever! 

Prince Gogo

GoGo Prince dances for Sinful Studs based in Phoenix, AZ. He regularly appears at Charlie’s Phoenix. I started following him on social media during the past few months. He looks good from any direction.

Gunner Scout

Gunner Scout is Mr. Gay United States 2019. He was the Ohio Allstar Stripper Of The Year 2017. Gunner is based in Columbus, OH. You can find him performing frequently in clubs in Ohio and surrounding states. I met Gunner last fall at MJ’s in Dayton, OH. He is a multi-talented individual who has become one of the leaders in the exotic male dancer industry.

Jose Dones, Jr.

Jose is based in Florida but you may see him at venues around the U.S. He caught my eye earlier this year with that large pouch and amazing smile. He was selected as the Males In Motion Obsession for February 2019. He has moves that others only dream about.

Angel Leon

Angel Leon dances for Sinful Studs in Phoenix, AZ. I enjoyed watching and tipping him at Charlie’s Phoenix in May 2019. He is a Poke-man fan and even has a related costume. But I can tell you that the costume is definitely not kids stuff. 

Reno Gold

Reno Gold is based in Florida but performs at various locations around the U.S. He has performed with Adonis Lounge at Fubar in West Hollywood, CA and at Evolve Lounge in NYC. And of course, if there’s a cowboy costume involved, well, I’m going to try to get involved as well.

Jackson Salinas

I’ve been following Jackson Salinas for a couple of years. He is a regular go go dancer at Piranha Nightclub in Las Vegas. He is adorable. There are several customers that frequent Piranha Nightclub that feel the same.

Chad Vincent

Chad is a great entertainer! He is based in Kentucky. I have had the pleasure of watching him perform at Zonie’s Closet in Indianapolis, IN and Crossings in Lexington, KY. He is one of the most booked male strippers in the region. He is at home on the stage and around his many fans. I look forward to seeing him again soon.

Bryce Eden Adonis

Bryce Eden Adonis is the owner and a performer with The Men Of Eden. Based in Connecticut, Bryce dances from coast-to-coast. He often performs with Adonis Lounge and at  X-Room at Mardi Gras. He was selected as the Males In Motion Obsession for June 2017. I’ve known Bryce for at least six years now. He is one of my industry buddies. He was recommended to the Hot 19 by others and I agree.

Jigz Castelo

Jigz Castelo is a favorite in Ohio and surrounding states. It is easy to see why. Although I have not yet had the pleasure of watching him perform, he comes highly recommended by the Males In Motion followers. I’m looking forward to catching Jigz perform on Labor Day weekend when I’ll be in Ohio.

Skyy Knox

Skyy Knox is a Falcon exclusive porn star and performs in the world of the exotic male dancer as a go go boy. He can be seen at many events around the country. If you would like to see much more of Skyy Knox and get a little insight into his Falcon work, check out his Twitter account. Warning: It is not for the faint of heart! 

Victor Blaze

I have been following Victor Blaze this past year on various social media. An explanation why is not needed. You can see for yourself. He uploads pics and videos often and I’ve enjoyed each and every post. Victor is based in Colorado and often performs at Midtowne Spa in Denver. 

Tyler Devereaux

I have been following Tyler Devereaux for about three years. I watched him perform in Columbus, OH and Tulsa, OK. Tyler is based in Columbus, OH and performs in clubs all over Ohio and the surrounding states. He is known as the “Cakes of the Tri-State”. It’s true but don’t take my word for it. Click his pic and see those cakes for yourself.

Eddy Ceetee

When you look at Eddy Ceetee, you’ll hear sounds like “mmmmmmm” or “woof” come out of your mouth. You can’t help it. He was recommended to us by a Males In Motion follower and we respect their opinion without question. Eddy dances at some well known parties and events including those in Provincetown and San Diego. He can also be seen at clubs like Fubar in West Hollywood, CA. 

Dagger D

I became aware of Dagger D during the past few months and joined his Facebook Group “Fans of the D“. I then had the honor of meeting him and serving as a judge with him at a contest in Lexington, KY. His performances are exciting to watch. It was a pleasure to spend some time talking with him at Crossings in Lexington. I attempted to post two sexy pics of him on Facebook and was slapped with a 30-day ban. It was so worth it. 


Joel dances in the New York and New Jersey areas. He can be seen at True Colors Bar in NYC at Playboyz Frigays on Friday nights. Joel was recommended to us by a Males In Motion follower and promoter friend in NYC. Joel obviously has muscles in all the right places. 

Jack James

I have followed Jack James and The Men Of Skin out of Kansas City for several years now. I have had the privilege of watching Jack perform in both Kansas City and Springfield, MO. He is one of the best with interacting with customers and fans. I describe his performances as having a ‘no regrets’ type attitude. He pushes right to the line. It is fun to watch and fun to tip.

Johnny W. Dangerously

It’s no secret that Johnny W. Dangerously is a Males In Motion favorite. He has been featured in our blogs and posts more than any other male stripper. For the Hot 19 of 2019, he received the most recommendations of all the male strippers in this listing. 

He was selected as the Males In Motion Favorite Male Stripper For 2018. He was selected to be the Males In Motion Obsession for March 2017. We’ve said it before, he has great boy parts, a sexy af voice and is popular across several states. He is fun and engaging with customers and fans. 

His performances are given with a certain ease and at the same time sexy as hell. Honestly, if he’s going to be performing at a club in a city where I’ll be traveling, it’s a given that I’m going to be there too.

Final Thoughts

Let me know what you thought of the Hot 19 of 2019. There are so many other male dancers I would have liked to have added to this list. But I had to narrow it down to 19. If your favorite is not in the list, please send me a comment below and tell me who they are. I might want to start following them. 

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to tip the hot male strippers in your area.

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