Hot 19

Our choice of Hot19 male dancers of 2019. A mix of male strippers and go-go dancers. Do you agree? Have we left anyone out?

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Club Reviews

Reviews of our favorite clubs in the U.S. and Canada that feature exotic male dancers.

Pic above: X-Room at Mardi Gras-Springfield, MA

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Industry News

Topics of interest focusing on the current situation within the exotic male dancer entertainment industry.

Pic above: Men Of Skin-Kansas City, MO

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Who is Males In Motion?

Males in Motion is a promoter for the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. We promote male strippers, go-go boys, male pole dancer , male reviews and the clubs/venues/events that feature them.

Our primary focus is on social media. We keep the images, ads and information for and about male dancers in front of the eyes of the customers and fans. Through our blog, we encourage our readers to attend events where they can interact with the dancers.

We provide promotional photography services for our clients producing images for use in advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

We consult with male dancers, club owners/managers, show directors teaching the skills for successful marketing and promotion. Our expertise has been developed over the experience of 16 years in the industry.

We provide free referrals for businesses and individuals seeking an exotic male dancer for their private party or event.

Photo by Michael Hill

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