Discovering The New World Of The Male Stripper Entertainment Industry: Males In Motion Reboot!

Chad Vincent, a pre-pandemic Males In Motion favorite, shown here at Zonie’s Closet in Indianapolis, IN.Still active.

The industry that we have followed and reported on for 18 years is a new world. We have decided to explore this new world with a reality check. We are clearing out what was the old normal and doing a reboot. We will be marking all blogs previous to 2021 as Pre-Pandemic. Any blogs written from January 2021 and after will have no such label. We are in the process of updating our bar and club listings for each U.S. State and Canadian Province to reflect what is currently available. And as before, we will add any new venues that we discover along the way. We will be featuring exotic male dancers who were able to weather the pandemic storm and return to the stages and laps once venues reopened as well as introduce the newcomers seeking to find their place among our fantasies.

Sinful Studs based in Phoenix, AZ. Still active.

As with many businesses, the pandemic brought Males In Motion to a standstill. For most of the past two years, we have had no choice but to sit back and watch as many of our favorite entertainment venues closed their doors for the protection of their customers and staff. Everyone involved saw their lives and livelihoods placed on pause as they nestled in for a quarantine of unknown duration. 

340 Nightclub in Pomona, CA survived the pandemic and is going strong.

With no customers allowed to gather in public spaces, many of the bars and clubs that featured exotic male dancers were unable to pay the ever growing expenses required in operating a business. Those that didn’t have other financial sources were forced to say good bye and permanently close. Some suffered a more serious loss of owners, staff and customers as they fell victim to the Covid virus.

The boys are still dancing on the bar at The Corner Pocket in New Orleans, LA.

The male dancers experienced the sudden removal of entertainment related income. And even as the economy slowly reopened, many found themselves in a situation where they were in dire need of new employment options. There were no venues available where they could dance and no customers available to tip, so no income. And if they could find venues where they could dance, did they want to take the risk of catching Covid in the public spaces?

Piranha Nightclub in Las Vegas came through the pandemic and are back to rocking’ it in Sin City!

The result is the creation of a new landscape in the male stripper entertainment industry. Although we are aware of several of the venues that have closed and some of the dancers who have moved on to other occupations, we are uncertain as to all the bars, clubs, and dancers that have been able to return as some of the pandemic related restrictions have been loosened by local authorities.

Timothy Smith and Sweet TEA are performing in clubs across the U.S.

In late October 2021 we began our discovery road trips again stopping in Columbus, OH, Washington, D.C., Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. We will be posting blogs and reviews of what we have found. Thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you soon as we tip the dancing boys in your area. 

Alan performing at Toolbox Saloon in Columbus, OH – October 2021.

We have one request of our friends and followers, please let us know of any discoveries you have made in your city or on your travels. We are interested in information about the new clubs that have opened, as well as any that have survived the pandemic. We are also seeking information about any bars or clubs that have closed permanently. We would like to know about any male dancers who are still performing as well as any who have retired or left dancing for other occupations. We want to build the most accurate listing of the bars, clubs and male dancers that are currently active across North America. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Save The Bulge - Males In Motion!

Until next time, please support your local dick dancer bar. Let’s rebuild our favorite entertainment industry stronger than before. 

2 thoughts on “Discovering The New World Of The Male Stripper Entertainment Industry: Males In Motion Reboot!”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have not been able to travel yet except to The Corner Pocket (about 4 hours drive for me). Meanwhile, I have been trying to accumulate my own list of which clubs are open, with male performers, and which clubs are not. It is not easy to find this information for many of those clubs. So I really appreciate your effort in doing this. I respect the work that you are putting into this. Those entertainers who are still working deserve our support. I hope you guys enjoyed your trip. Again, thank you.

    1. Thank you Dave for your continued support. Yes, we had a great time. I will soon be posting several club reviews from the trip.

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