Daydreaming About The Bayou Boy – DALLAS -Males In Motion Obsession For January 2021

Earlier this month we escaped our quarantine and headed to the Crescent City for a weekend of play. If you’d like to read the blog review of that weekend click here. For us one of the highlights of this visit was spending time with Dallas. From the first night we were captivated by his eyes and his smile. And of course, his boy parts may have been of some interest as well!

We are happy to announce the return of the Males In Motion Monthly Obsession. Due to Covid and our inability to travel, we discontinued the feature during 2020. But now it is back and we’re excited to select Dallas from The Corner Pocket in New Orleans as the Males In Motion Obsession for January 2021.

Although Dallas and the other boys are not allowed to dance according to current New Orleans pandemic related laws, they are now designated as the Hot Rods and work as hosts and servers. . The Corner Pocket is open for indoor & curb service because they have a conditional restaurant license from the State. Alcohol sales must be accompanied by a food purchase. We purchased a cheeseburger and a chili dog while there. And Dallas provided his hosting services much to our pleasure

After almost 10 months of not being able to tip male dancers, this bayou boy brought us back to a world we had sorely missed. Dallas spent time at our table teasing us with his sexy body and bad boy smile. As a Hot Rod host, Dallas made us feel all sorts of welcome at The Corner Pocket.

On Saturday night Dallas was asked to join us for dinner at Mother’s Restaurant. So, not only did we have great food to eat, but nice eye candy to enjoy while we were eating. Dallas is a charmer and we enjoyed his company enough to return to The Corner Pocket three nights in a row and visit with him. And even though he was not allowed to dance, we still tipped him as though he was.

The next time you find yourself in New Orleans, we recommend that you make your way to The Corner Pocket. While there, spend some time with Dallas. But for now, click on the Youtube video below and listen to Adriana Grande. Look back over the pics of Dallas. Let this bayou boy give you fuel for your daydreams. We are already daydreaming about Dallas and our next trip to The Corner Pocket.

Yes, we’re obsessed with Dallas. We’re happy and convinced that he is the perfect guy to restart our monthly obsessions. Thank you Dallas for helping us to have such a great time in New Orleans. We hope to see you again soon.

Until next time, visit your local dick dancer bar. And be sure to tip well, we want to help the dancing boys and the clubs that feature them successfully navigate the pandemic. Our hope is to see them open in all their glory on the other side of it all!


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2 thoughts on “Daydreaming About The Bayou Boy – DALLAS -Males In Motion Obsession For January 2021”

  1. I have also missed visiting the male strip bars. I am glad to see some bars are coming back. But I am worried about many of them may never return. Welcome back to your postings. I have missed them. I am also a fan of The Corner Pocket. Thank you for your updates on this fantastic, friendly bar. I can’t wait for me to be able to leave the campus of this retirement home that I live at. We have had both the main corona virus shot and the booster, so I hope to be able to go check those guys out in person again. Again, thank you for the service that you provide to us Exotic Male Dancer Fans.

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