Club Review: Zonie’s Closet ~ Indianapolis, IN ~ Once The Clothes Began To Hit The Floor… (Pre-Pandemic)

Zonie's Closet - Indianapolis, IN
Featured In Pic (Top): Brock Hard, Ponce Demoore, Torsten, Zeus, Chad Vincent
(Bottom): Danny Boy, Joseph Blevins   Photo Source: Michael Hill – Males In Motion

Featured Dancer: Torsten Photo Source: Michael Hill – Males In Motion

   The winter months had left me suffering from something I can only compare to a seasonal affective disorder. You know, where people get depressed in the winter from not seeing the sun. Well, I had been experiencing bulge and bubble affective disorder from not seeing live male stripper bulges and bubble butts for weeks.

   Featured Dancer: Ponce Demoore Photo Source: Joseph Bevins – Zonie’s Closet

    As I sat at the table in Zonie’s Closet in Indianapolis, IN, the spotlight began to break through my haze and I was starting to feel like my old self again. I could see well-stretched briefs and thongs which caused a smile to spread across my face. That smile grew even larger as I followed the bouncing, shaking, spinning and swinging before me. It was therapeutic.

   Featured Dancer: Chad Vincent Photo Source: Michael Hill – Males In Motion

   There were cowboy hats and anyone that knows me is well aware that cowboys always bring me back to life. I was intrigued by a mysterious black mask and leather gloves, a fedora, a hard hat. Each one pulled me willingly into the fantasies that were playing in my head. Was I imagining it, or did I see a dancer wearing a kilt? I sat up straight in my seat. It was what was under that kilt that kept my eyes glued to the stage. Before I realized what was happening, I was up and placing tips in memorable locations. A full transformation from my winter funk back into the male stripper super fan had taken place.

   Featured Dancer: Zeus Photo Source: Michael Hill – Males In Motion

    Little did I know when I stepped inside Zonie’s Closet that I would be experiencing as they say, “Just what the doctor ordered.” It was easy to find the bar and nearby parking. We entered Zonie’s, paid the $5 cover and then met some amazing people. First up was Joseph Blevins who is the force behind Sinful and Skinful, the name of the male revue show. He schedules dancers for Friday nights and the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month. We had chatted with him online a few times and it was great to finally meet him. Joseph, thank you for putting together such a fun and sexy show. We enjoyed every minute of it.

   Featured Dancer: Brock Hard Photo Source: Michael Hill – Males In Motion

   Featured Dancer: Chad Vincent Photo Source: Michael Hill – Males In Motion

   The boys from Kentucky, Chad and Brock, were dancers in the show and after chatting with them many times online, it was such a pleasure to speak with them face-to-face and face-to-butt and face-to-bulge. They both are even sexier in person.

   Featured Dancer: Brock Hard Photo Source: Michael Hill – Males In Motion

   Even though he has a great body, what I liked most about meeting Brock was the sparkle in his eye and a heart melting smile. Seeing him once again confirmed our selection of Brock as the Males In Motion Obsession for March 2019. (Unfortunately, Brock has since retired from dancing.)

   Featured Dancer: Danny Boy Photo Source: Michael Hill – Males In Motion

   The six dancers in the evening’s show were Danny Boy, Chad Vincent, Brock Hard, Torsten, Ponce Demoore and Zeus. All of these boys came ready to entertain. They wore great costumes, danced seductively on the stage, gripped tight and spun around the pole, stripped out of their clothes and worked the audience just the way we like it.

Torstennbsp;Photo Source: Michael Hill – Males In Motion

   I dare anyone to try and stay in a funk when Danny Boy is dancing in your lap, or Cowboy Chad Vincent’s bulge is right in front of your face, or Brock Hard is shaking that bubble butt in hand’s reach. Torsten was the one wearing the kilt and when his bulging briefs were revealed from underneath, well, let’s just say I developed an instant urge to play the bagpipe. Ponce added a new scene to my fantasies of men wearing hard hats. And Zeus gave me a new appreciation for the red singlet. Thank you gentlemen. It was all our pleasure.

   Featured Dancer: Zeus Photo Source: Michael Hill – Males In Motion

Chad Vincent Photo Source: Michael Hill – Males In Motion

    Special thanks goes out to Frankie for taking care of me at the bar. The dirty martini was perfect! If you live in the Indianapolis area or will be traveling there, stop in at Zonie’s Closet especially if it’s on one of the Sinful & Skinful show nights. Joseph always has a quality line up of male dancers who put on a show that is “just what the doctor ordered.” Until next time, don’t forget to tip the dancing boys!!!


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