Club Review: The Toolbox Saloon – Columbus, Ohio

Suck On This!

Halloween weekend found us in Columbus, OH. We have been to Columbus many times and have developed several friendships in the city and much of the state of Ohio. We were only going to be in the city for a Friday and Saturday night and wanted to visit as many clubs featuring male strippers as we could fit in. In searching online for scheduled events, we discovered that The Toolbox Saloon was hosting a 7:00pm Saturday evening show. This would allow us time to visit other shows at 9:00pm and 11:00pm. Hitting three in one night is not usually possible so we were happy to see an earlier show available. The Toolbox Saloon was the first club in Columbus that we had ever visited. This was about four years ago. We had a great time then so decided to return and see what trouble we could get into.

There were three male strippers scheduled: Allen, Alexander Storm, and Sage Blade. The show was co-hosted by Joe Fleming, Mr. Gay Ohio, and Nikole Trader.

The bar had received a facelift since our first visit. The Toolbox Saloon has an Old School look and feel about it. Now, please understand that to me that is a high compliment. It has an atmosphere that feels the way gay bars should feel. Much of this has been lost in the past 10 years. My first comment about the bar that night was, “I wish I had a bar like this near me.”

The music that was played when there was not a performance going on, reflected the audience that was present that night which was an older crowd. (Kudos to DJ David).The bartenders were cute causing me to go back for more drinks than I had planned to have while there. You know, I wanted just one more close up look. They also provided this out-of-towner with a warm welcome like you find in neighborhood bars where everyone knows each other. Although it is obvious that everyone is welcome at The Toolbox Saloon, it felt to me to be a bar for and about gay men. This was reflected in the pictures of men wearing jock straps on the walls and in the bathroom which was exceptionally clean by the way. Believe me this is not always the case in our travels.

Our favorite dancer of the night was Allen. You’ll have to understand with the cursed Covid limiting our travels over the past two years, we get excited now just seeing a man in his underwear on a stage in a club. Of course if the pouch of his underwear is stretched like Allen’s, well, we’re up quickly tipping and can’t seem to stop smiling.

It was great to reconnect with veteran dancer Alexander Storm. We’ve been following him for several years now. He always puts on a good performance. We also like the fact that he has helped introduce new dancers from time to time. This helps our favorite form of entertainment continue.

Sage Blade was the third dancer and from what we understood, this was his first performance as a male stripper. He did a great job and looked great in his costumes and underwear. We unfortunately were having some phone issues and didn’t get any pics of his performance,

Joe Fleming and Nikole Trader took turns hosting and also provided performances. Joe Fleming presented us something to suck on. Insert **Evil Grin** here. While performing to “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers, he passed out Halloween treats in the form of a sucker. Nice touch, Joe! It reminded me of times when I’ve heard the words, “Suck on this!”

There was one thing that really impressed us about all the performers on this night. The crowd started out very small. It did grow as the night went on, but there was only a handful in the beginning. Despite the small size of the crowd all the performers performed as though the room had been packed full. We respect their professionalism and are grateful for giving their all to provide a show that we enjoyed.

We are happy we chose a return visit to The Toolbox Saloon and will make it a regular stop on any future visits to Columbus, OH. If you live in the area or find yourself visiting near Columbus, OH, we recommend you stop in at The Toolbox Saloon on a male stripper show night. Click here to visit The Toolbox Saloon Facebook page.

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