Club Review: The Corner Pocket ~ New Orleans, Louisiana

Johnathan at The Corner Pocket

After months of self-imposed quarantine, I was finally able to emerge from my house, escape from my city and travel to New Orleans. Getting out on the open road and traveling brought a refreshing of spirit. And of course, the destination was the perfect place to perform all the usual vacation euphemisms such as “let your hair down”, “shake out all the cob webs”, and “grab some R & R”. I was suffering from male stripper withdrawal and was ready to drink and tip.

But alas, the city of New Orleans had imposed restrictions on my favorite club in NOLA that features male dancers, The Corner Pocket. Most of the restrictions were the same as in other cities – wear a mask, observe social distancing, limited occupancy at the club, etc. But due to the city ordinances, the boys were no longer allowed to dance on the bar. In fact they were not allowed to dance anywhere in the club. Was my weekend to be ruined? Would I return home still frustrated and continuing my withdrawal?

No, not at all, I wound up having a great time and even visited the club three nights in a row. The dancers had become the Hot Rods and were hosts and servers for the Corner Pocket guests. Think of it as the male version of a Hooters restaurant but instead of buxomy ladies serving the customers, there were young men with bulges and bubble butts. The Corner Pocket served food and the boys came around to visit at your table. Everyone was masked up and it was your personal choice whether a server would join you at your table. There was no contemplation for me, the choice was made when I decided to go to New Orleans. The Hot Rods would be welcomed and encouraged to spend time at my table.

Let me state at this point that I waited 14 days before publishing this blog so I could confirm that neither Jay nor myself were infected with Covid-19 from the Corner Pocket or the city of New Orleans.The Corner Pocket follows strict guidelines in keeping the public area and restroom clean and disinfected for the safety of their guests. Masks were worn at all times by staff and customers, and the tables were spread at least 6 feet apart throughout the club. And guess what? Even with all the restrictions, and time constraints, we still had a blast!

One of the events we enjoyed most was Zingo on Sunday night. There is a city ordinance that requires that public bingo games be held by a non-profit organization, so The Corner Pocket plays Zingo instead. They even call the numbers in the first column with a Z, such as Z4 instead of B4. The Hot Rods serve as ball pullers and give the selected ball to the host/hostess. The night we were there, the hostess was Felicia Phillips, a female illusionists. She kept the game on track and provided laughs with her comments. Jay and I felt a little embarrassed and greedy when we left having won 4 times. We brought home prizes and enjoyed a drink tab prize while there. The highlight of the game is when O-69 is chosen! I will not tell you what happens, that’s something you need to see for yourself. But I will tell you that you will certainly enjoy it! Thank you Timothy and Billy!

Dallas at The Corner Pocket

Although we visited with several different Hot Rods, we spent much of our time visiting with Dallas. He spent a lot of time at our table all three nights, and was also invited to join us for dinner at Mother’s Restaurant on Saturday night. Dallas was definitely a highlight of our New Orleans visit and The Corner Pocket. We tipped him the same as if he was dancing on the bar. I teased him about keeping me broke all weekend. After this weekend, Dallas was selected to be the Males In Motion Obsession for the current month. You can read the blog featuring Dallas with more pics by clicking here.

It was also good to see Johnathan, one of our Corner Pocket favorites. Johnathan was previously selected as a Males In Motion monthly obsession. Click here to read the blog and see the pics featuring Johnathan. He is quite sexy and such a sweetheart. Be sure and look for him on your visit to The Corner Pocket.

I have visited The Corner Pocket many times over the years. At this point, I am honored to have developed friendships with many members of the staff and several dancers. Thank you to Michael for his superb Southern hospitality! It was great to catch up with Jeremy, a long time friend. It is always a pleasure to see Bruce and Ashley again. Special thanks to Charles who we met for the first time on this visit. He and Felicia Phillips have been added to our ‘must-see’ list for future visits. We at Males In Motion say a big “THANK YOU!” to all the gang at The Corner Pocket for all you do to keep the boys dancing, (or serving). It is greatly appreciated.

Until next time, wrap that mask around your face and head to your nearest dick dancer bar. Tip the boys well. Covid-19 has caused a financial struggle for them as well.


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