Club Review: MJ’s On Jefferson – Dayton, Ohio ~ A Cautionary Tale That Starts In A Snow Storm And Ends With A Policeman, A Fireman, Three Long Hoses And A Damsel In Distress


Johnny W. Dangerously

Evasive acton had to be taken. The original plan would have taken us to Toronto and Detroit but due to the coming snow storm, we chose a different route in order to try and escape it. The new plan would take us to Dayton, OH on a Tuesday night. You see, I am a Johnny W. Dangerously stalker, I mean super fan (pic above). I saw that he was going to be at MJ’s on Jefferson in Dayton, OH that night. And since we love Ohio, it was an obvious choice to make. My advice when it comes to Johnny W. Dangerously, use caution when tipping! Your hand will come in contact with a large object. This will cause naughty thoughts to go off in your head. Listen to his sexy voice only in small doses. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself physically unstable for a few minutes.

I found parking easily on a side street nearby. Upon entering I was blown away by the club. I don’t say that lightly. I love the layout of MJ’s. Later in the night I was given a tour by Jerid Martel. There is a larger stage area that was closed off that night. I want to return and enjoy a show on the back stage. Our adult beverage needs were taken care of by two sexy bartenders, Matt and Deshawn. Thank you boys for your drink mixing talents and eye candy to go with it. My advice when it comes to buying drinks at MJ’s is to use caution when staring into Deshawn’s eyes. You’ll get lost and may forget there is a show you are there to see. And if Matt catches you checking out his butt, just act like you were looking at… oh hell, just smile.

Gunner Calvin Scout

I was also happy to see that Gunner Calvin Scout was being featured as well on this night (pic above). I had watched him perform previously in Columbus but had not met him. All I can say is that he knows how to push the right buttons as the man in uniform, or in leather or as the fireman. My advice about Gunner Calvin Scout is to use caution when watching his performances. I was transported to a time in my past when I wore leather. The idea of handcuffs and restraints kept popping up in my head. Yes, possibly for me. But I found I could be very mentally creative and Gunner Calvin Scout had a leading role in my fetish play. A further warning, just as you come back to reality and compose yourself, he’ll be standing there wearing a leather harness and little else. Then you’re transported once again.

Titus McMaster

I have one word for Titus McMaster and that is “seduction”. I found him to be totally adorable, sexy as hell, and love his wiry muscled body. He is fairly new to the male stripper world and is fitting in rather nicely. I enjoyed him so much that I immediately started recommending him to other show directors in Ohio. If he chooses, I think he will have a long and successful career as a male dancer. One word of caution about Titus. Don’t even try to resist his charm. That is his super power. You’ll get pulled in and that’s ok. You’ll enjoy it.

The night was heating up and Gunner Calvin Scout stepped out rather appropriately as the fireman. And when you talk about firemen in the male stripper context, it is obligatory that we speak about their hoses as well. So, I’ve added all three dancers and their ‘hoses’ in videos below. So push play and watch them swing into action or start shenanigans.

The damsel in distress mentioned in the blog title was Soy Queen (a.k.a Hunter Faulhaber). Her distress was having to surround herself with male strippers. She also coaxed four hot college boys from the audience to do an impromptu strip. She handled herself and the boys quite well. (You saw what I did there right? She ‘handled’ herself and the boys.) As the Mistress of Ceremonies for the night, Soy Queen made the night a very enjoyable experience. She was funny and talented, and honestly, not so distressed but it made for a good title.

Johnny W. Dangerously

Mj’s on Jefferson is a show bar with a neighborhood bar feel. It hits successfully in both categories. I look forward to a future visit and recommend the club without reservation. Check their facebook page for nights when male dancers are featured. I found the staff and entertainers to be professional and at the same time friendly and approachable. Until next time, don’t forget to tip the boys!!!


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