Best Nude Lap Dance Ever? Dick’s Cabaret in Phoenix Club Review


Dick's Cabaret - Phoenix, AZ

   Finally!!! I made it to Dick’s Cabaret in Phoenix, AZ. I have followed this all-nude male strip club for years and kept thinking, this will be the year that I get to check it out! Well, 2016 became that year! And let me just say, it was everything I hoped for and more. Ok, so I sound like I’m gushing a bit but it’s true. Read on, I’ll explain why!

   Imagine walking into a candy store as a kid and the shelves are lined with all your favorite candies. That is how I felt at Dick’s Cabaret. The sweetness just kept getting better and better. I easily found the club using GPS, parked and entered the building. There was a $15 cover for this night. That’s an average price for clubs of this type. It was well worth it to me! I was given a small ticket that I was told was for my first drink. Due to area laws, Dick’s cannot have nudity and alcohol together. That was no problem. I was there for the boys. I traded in my ticket for a cranberry juice and sat down at the bar.

Dick's Cabaret - Phoenix, AZ

   The early DJ explained the way Dick’s works. The boys come out and dance on a stage in the main room. The first song is in underwear. Then the second they dance nude. Most of the dancing is pole dancing.

Ok, so here is where the candy store comparison comes in. I was there on a Monday night, which Mondays are typical slow nights at most male strip clubs. The crowd was small, but I always LOVE slow nights, it means I get more attention, and I did.

There were three dancers this night, on the weekends there are many more. But I was perfectly content with three. You see, all three fit exactly the category of male dancers that I enjoy best. They were in their 20s, athletic, good looking, great bodies, nice asses, and ample boy parts! There was a big smile on my face all night. You see, this candy store stocked all my favorite candies, and I was there to sample.

   While I sat at the bar, a dancer named Rex stopped by and began to chat. Rex was a perfect host. His slim but defined body looked great in (and out) of his small underwear. We chatted about Dick’s and dicks **SMILE**. While we were chatting another dancer stepped to the stage and began to dance.

His name was Hammer And all I can say is Mikey Likey. And for my latino friends, “me gusto mucho”. Hammer fit exactly my type, preference, attraction, eye candy, and I was visually hooked. He was tall, slim but defined with a great chest, flat stomach, strong shoulders and arms, handsome face, short hair, amazing ass… ok, as I often do, I’m going to pause here for a moment and enjoy a daydream. I’ll be right back!

Dick's Cabaret - Phoenix, AZ

   When he finished his session on the stage, Hammer walked by and I tipped him saying I hadn’t made it up to the stage while he was there. He thanked me and said he would be right back.

In a few minutes he came back and explained the lap dance and VIP area experience. For $10 per song you can have a lap dance in the main area and the boys wear their underwear. The main area has several chairs perfectly selected for lap dances. The second option is to go to the VIP area where for $20 per song, you can have a lap dance and the dancer is nude. OK, now get this…Sunday and Monday nights are half-price nights. So, I could get $5 main room underwear lap dances and $10 VIP area nude lap dances. My favorite candy was having a half-price sale. I mean could the night get any better than this?

   Since I was looking for the full experience while I was there, I told Hammer lets start out in the main area and I’ll have a underwear lap dance. So I did. When the first song was over, he asked me if I wanted to continue….I did, very much so. So, I had another underwear lap dance. And let me say, I was enjoying myself very much. I was smiling ear to ear. After the second song ended he asked if I wanted to continue. I said “no”, because I was ready to go to the VIP area for a nude lap dance. We got up and made our way to the bar. There is a one time club charge for the night to enter the VIP area. The night I was there it was $10.

   When we entered the VIP area, there was another dancer and guest with a nude lap dance in progress. Hammer and I moved to the opposite side and he had me sit down on a comfortable large chair. Hammer removed the shorts he was wearing and was then completely nude. Let’s just say that my first impressions of Hammer as a male dancer were very good, but once inside the VIP area, he quickly moved up my list of best lap dances ever! Yes, I’m not overstating it, I mean EVER! And you know for me, that is saying a lot. I’ve been enjoying lap dances from exotic male dancers for many years. I won’t give you any details, you’ll have to make your way to Dick’s Cabaret and find that out for yourself.

   During the first song of my VIP lap dance with Hammer, I looked over to see the third dancer who was with another customer. It was Jason. All I’m going to say is the first thing I saw of this dancer was his naked ass. Had I not already been under the spell of Hammer, I would have been spending some time with Jason as well. Jason was fairly new as a dancer but from where I was sitting, I could see that he had already developed some great skills in customer service.

   In the middle of my several songs with Hammer, I made the decision that he was probably going to get all the rest of the money in my pocket. You see, I know myself. I set a budget and I bring only a certain amount and then pray there isn’t an ATM at the club. Because when it comes to exotic male dancers like Hammer, I have no self-discipline. It’s just the reality that I’ve come to accept. I play tricks on myself to keep enough to pay my bills. And it was even harder this time. We all know how easy it is to spend money when on vacation, add in sexy naked male dancers, and if you are like me, you just keep stuffing those dollars…well, in this case, I handed them to them, there was no clothing in which to stuff them.

   After a few songs with Hammer, I told him I’d better stop for now because I wanted to make the night last a little longer. We left the VIP area and I went back to the bar. At this time a new DJ was sitting there. He introduced himself, he was part-time DJ and part-time dancer, he went by the name of Taz. In our conversation I learned that Taz rides motorcycles. Well, it didn’t take my brain long to put him in a motorcycle vest and chaps. That’s all, nothing else. Taz was not dancing that night but I find that to be great motivation for going back to Dick’s Cabaret for a future visit. And Taz, I really enjoyed our conversation. You made me feel like a regular at the club. It is much appreciated. Next time, I’ll catch you on stage!

   I recommend Dick’s Cabaret without reservation. And I will go back, and it won’t take as long for my second visit as it did to make my first. And just so you know, before I left, I took Hammer back to the VIP area and emptied out the remaining cash in my pocket. And yes, the second helping was just as good as the first. Until next time, find your favorite candy stores! Be sure and add Dick’s Cabaret to your list!

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