An Epic Night At Boscoe’s ~ Columbus, OH – Club Review (Pre-Pandemic)

On a recent Saturday night I made my third visit to Boscoe’s in Columbus, OH. There are some nights when everything seems to come together and create an epic night. This was one of them. I know this because I drank more than usual and tipped the dancing boys more than usual. All of this was done while being surrounded by great friends who were having as much fun as I was.

My only goal for the night was to have as much fun as possible. CHECK! I can mark that goal as complete. We scheduled the night at Boscoe’s because Dagger D. (above)., one of our favorite male strippers, was performing. He’a sexy, knows how to work a crowd, and I like the way he moves. His boy parts are really nice too. I was happy to learn that Boscoe’s had scheduled him the Saturday I’d be in Columbus. Thank you Boscoe’s. 

I consider Boscoe’s a gem in the exotic male dancer world. They feature male strippers several nights a week. I always have confidence that when I go to Boscoe’s there will be a good show and a fun environment. All I need to do is show up prepared to have a good time. On this night I was joined by friends from the exotic male dancer industry, and we were all there to party. For us, it was honestly an epic night. 

The talented and well-equipped Amir and his amazing body!(above)

Thank you owners, managers, show directors bartenders, staff and entertainers for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes so that we can enjoy such a place as Boscoe’s! It is appreciated!

I admonish the readers of this blog who frequent the clubs in Columbus, OH, to not take for granted all the opportunities that you have. In many other parts of the U.S. it is rare to have one club that features male strippers each week, and you have many.. Please enjoy what you have, go often and tip a stripper for me. 

(Above) Dagger D in and then out of my favorite color – Orange, makes Mikey a happy camper. 

I obviously recommend Boscoe’s for anyone living in or visiting Columbus, OH. They have friendly bartenders, quality entertainment, and a first-class environment. Boscoe’s is always on our list of places to go while in Columbus, OH.

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