10 Twitter Accounts Male Stripper Fans Should Follow

(Posted during pandemic quarantine)

For years I have been active on Facebook, sharing posts from exotic male dancers, clubs, photographers and promoters that feature them, and trying to provide information for the fans to find them. After years for getting banned several times per year, which shuts down my operation for 30 day or so, I decided to become more active on other social media platforms. For a while it was Tumblr, until they stopped allowing nudity. I have become more active on Twitter and enjoy the wide-open platform full of pics and videos ranging from mild to wild.

I have selected 10 twitter accounts that I want to recommend to fans of male strippers. I have given each of these a rating from PG to XXX. PG is for the accounts that post mostly underwear and some basic nudity. The single X is for erotic nudity where you are likely to see a bare ass hole and an erect penis. The double XX will take you into masturbation and hand jobs. The XXX rating means the account is most likely to display oral sex and anal or vaginal intercourse. Unless otherwise noted, each of these accounts are owned by or feature male strippers. I hope you find these accounts to be as entertaining as I have.


PG to XX – Males In Motion – @mimotion

I start with our own account. We share any content that we discover in the Twitter world that is male stripper related. With the explosion of Only Fans accounts since the pandemic began, there is an abundance of hot guys ready to strip out of their clothes and show what Mother Nature has blessed them with. And we’re happy to share it. With very few male strip clubs open these days, we have to get our male stripper fix where we can find it. Link to Twitter Account.


XXX-Grayson Knight-Lites – @GraysonKLites

I have watched Grayson perform many times in Ohio clubs. We met him a year ago at a male stripper competition in Lima, OH. He’s always fun to watch. If you follow his Twitter account, you’ll see his collection of male stripper costumes, leather pup fetish costumes, and much, much more. And when we say, much, much more, we mean a whole lot more. Link to Twitter Account.


XX – Adonis Lounge – @AdonisLounge

Adonis Lounge attracts some of the hottest male dancers across the U.S. and many from other countries. During the pandemic they have been hosting online virtual parties to feature these amazing men. Follow their Twitter for pics and videos of these men and to receive all the info so you can enjoy the virtual parties from home. Link to Twitter Account.


XXX – Dean Aden @TheBoyOtter1

Of course, he’s hot and sexy. We’ve also described him as that adorable stripper with the cute butt. All of his other boy parts are quit nice as well. Link to Twitter Account.


XXX – Chad Vincent – @chadvincent010

I have enjoyed Chad Vincent’s performances on three different occasions. This Kentucky boy Is not only a lot of fun to watch but is a genuinely nice guy. He frequently posts a link to his only fans but be sure and scroll down his posts to see some hot pics and videos as well. Link to Twitter Account.


X – Joshua, The Prince – @ThePrinceJoshua

His Majesty, Prince Joshua first came to my attention in 2019 when I celebrated my birthday in Phoenix, AZ. I watched and enjoyed him live at Charlie’s. After my initial introduction, I started following him on Facebook and then Twitter. Joshua is very photogenic from all angles. I’ve included a pic above of one of my favorite angles. Link to Twitter Account.


XX – Reno Gold – @gold_reno

Reno Gold captures attention from the moment you first cast your gaze upon him. With the Twitter videos, you get to hear his sexy voice. Scroll through his posts to see pics and videos of his amazing body. You’ll appreciate his full package, rock hard ass, and handsome face. Be prepared to be drawn in and ready to submit to his every request. Link to Twitter Account.


XX-Javier Markham@JavierMarkham

I have been following Jaiver Markham’s Vlog on YouTube for over a year. From there I followed th link to his Twitter account. This London based Aussie provides content of his performances at clubs and bachelorette parties (in the U.K. known as Hen Parties). Javier performs for both female and male audiences. You’ll enjoy his tight body and sexy Australian accent. I recommend that you watch his use of the Australian flag in his performances. Link to Twitter Account.


XXX – Steven Lee – @StevenLee3X

This former broadcast weatherman will forecast temperatures that are hot and getting hotter. As you can see in the pic above, he is well equipped to provide content that will leave you smiling but always wanting more. Steven can be seen as a gogo dancer from time to time but some of you may also recognize him a a porn star. His Twitter account is loaded with content ranging from PG to XXX. Link to Twitter Account.


xxx – Revelle – @Revelle85479686

I was recently followed on Twitter by Revelle. As I always do, I checked out his account to see who this person was. The content I found he had posted motivated me to immediately follow him back. There are links to his PornHub account and most of you are already well acquainted with the type of content you will find there. Link to Twitter Account.

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