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About Males In Motion

Males In Motion is a leading promoter and producer of exotic male dancer entertainment. Our first priority is to produce quality experiences for the customer. Our goal for male dancers and the venues that feature them is to achieve financial success with exceptional entertainment value. Our five-fold strategy involves recruiting, training, consulting, producing and promoting.

Males In Motion seeks potential new male dancers across North America. After evaluating their appearance and various skill levels, we make recommendations and/or referrals for potential employment in their home base area. We also maintain a job listing page and post openings for male dancers from social media or submitted directly to us. For more information contact us.

Males In Motion provides free tips and suggestions to both potential and established male dancers. Topics include fitness, pole dancing, costumes, underwear, lap dances, promoting yourself, etc. Let us know how we can help you. For more information contact us.

Males In Motion is available to male dancers, club managers and owners, event planners, show directors, vendors, etc., to serve as a consultant. A service fee is determined on an individual request basis. For more information contact us.

Males In Motion produces our own entertainment and promotional events. For these events we hire exotic male dancers and other talented individuals as needed for the project. We are also available to serve as a producer for third parties. A service fee is determined on an individual request basis. For more information contact us.

Males In Motion actively promotes male dancers and the venues that feature them. This is done free of charge in most cases. Through a combination of our services in photography, social media, print, costuming and sponsored special dancer or personality appearances, we strive to keep our clients' names and activities foremost in the public conversation. For more information contact us.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this possible. Thank you to all the blog readers who continue to follow my posts. Thank you to the club owners and managers who provide locations for the dancers to perform. Thank you to the male dancers who work hard to look their best and keep me returning to my favorite venues, and finding new ones. But most importantly, thanks to all the customers and fans of exotic male dancers who keep sliding those dollar bills in waistbands, armbands, legbands and socks.

-- Michael Hill

Photography services available at Michael Hill Digital

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