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What is Males In Motion?
Who is Michael Hill?

   I am not and have never been an exotic male dancer. My approach to this industry is strictly from the side of the customer and fan. It is the customer who provides dollars to keep the dancers dancing, the bartenders pouring drinks, and pays the cover charge. It is the customer who supports a venue to keep the doors open. The customer is therefore, one of, if not the most important ingredient in the successful operation of a bar or club.

   I am a photographer, promoter, blogger and web developer. These four roles grew out of my passion for the entertainment world of exotic male dancers. In 2003, I was motivated to start a website, Males In Motion, where I could maintain a list of the clubs across North America. After that, any time I traveled for work or pleasure, I would have an available list online where I could check for clubs in the area and then, go have my fun. I soon discovered there were many other fans who felt the way I did, and they began to check the website during their travels as well.

   Males In Motion is a news and information service that promotes the world of exotic male dancers. Males In Motion is not an agency that provides male dancers for events. Nor are we a male review. Instead, we promote the exotic male dancer entertainment industry itself, male dancers and the clubs that feature them. We do this through this website and our online content sources below. Males In Motion Blog Male Stripper Guru Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram (@mimotion5205)
   I also serve as a consultant to male dancers, show directors, club managers/owners and promoters. And when the mood strikes, I hire male dancers for promotional purposes to appear at clubs and private parties.

   Males In Motion will turn 16 in September 2019. Over the years I have learned what customers are looking for in an entertainment experience with male dancers. I have learned how to convert the entertainment experiences into financial success for male dancers and the clubs where they perform. I have watched many clubs open their doors for the first time, as well as close their doors permanently. I know many of the pitfalls to avoid in this business. I try to share what I have learned with anyone in the business who will listen.

   A question I am always asked is "where is your pic?" In this age of putting our whole world on social media for everyone to see, I am the mysterious figure who doesn't have any pics of myself online...or do I? The pics I use on the Males In Motion social media accounts, the website, in the blog, are all models I have hired or male dancers. I stay in the background so I am treated like any other customer who visits. I travel North America and visit clubs featuring male dancers and write reviews. I want to know the reality. If I can do this as just another regular customer, I get the true picture and hopefully any assistance I can provide will be more effective as a result. It's kind of like being a secret shopper. I will admit that over the years I have developed friendships with many people in the industry so it is becoming more difficult to go to some locations and slip in quietly and discreetly.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this possible. Thank you to all the blog readers who continue to follow my posts. Thank you to everyone that follows Males In Motion on social media. Thank you to the club owners and managers who provide locations for the dancers to perform. Thank you to the male dancers who work hard to look their best and keep me returning to my favorite venues, and finding new ones. But most importantly, thanks to all the customers and fans of exotic male dancers who keep sliding those dollar bills in waistbands, armbands, legbands and socks.

-- Michael Hill

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